Need deliverance?

Since you have opened this page, I am assuming that there is something troubling you, dear friend…?

Regardless of what it is, GOD can help you.

HE can get you free.

And only HE can.

Deliverance is a gift from HIM, a miracle coming from THE FATHER – just like salvation.

Nobody but GOD can deliver you, not your pastor, not a deliverance minister, not a therapist, not a doctor – only GOD can do that for you.

And I am here to pray for you if you need help.

But I will ask you to do your homework first – and in very many cases, you won’t need help after having done this, because I believe GOD is calling people to the deliverance ministry by letting the devil afflict them.

Yes, you read correctly.

When the devil is attacking you, he can only do so if and when GOD allows him to do that.

There is no other way.

And when you look for help, for answers, you will eventually find GOD.

Isn’t HE wonderful?

So my first advice to you is, if you have not done so, become a born again Christian!
Nothing else makes any sense – and nobody but JESUS can free you and protect you from whatever it is you may be going through – satanic attacks, witchcraft, demons, voodoo, hoodoo, obea, santeria, shamanism, yoga, tantra and its evil consequences, marine spirits raping or feeding you in your dreams, demonic voices – whatever you call it and however it may manifest in your experience, there is always only one and the same force behind it: the devil.

And let nobody fool you into believing that he is not real, he is.

SO is GOD.

And HE is the only answer and the only solution.

Please, if you are troubled, you need to set some time apart to solve these problems together with GOD.

It WILL take time.

And it will be hard.

Anyone who is telling you otherwise is a liar and is most likely working for the enemy.

I have spent a lot of time to study the enemy and his wiles, and the main reason why I created this blog is so that people would find the information they need to find GOD and to fight alongside HIM to break free.

I hope and pray that you will be free soon, my dear friend.

Here are some the articles I’ve written so far on this topic, please read them and please also go to the sources I point to there, it will help you, it will give you more understanding and will enable you to start fighting, because that’s what deliverance is: a battle, a fight!

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Prayer and Fasting

Please do your research, please ask THE HOLY SPIRIT for help and for guidance.

Deliverance is not about being prayed for once and getting free, yes, that’s a good beginning, but the war will start to really kick off and will intensify after GOD has delivered you for the first time, that’s when the enemy will step up his game and will do what he can to get you back, and believe me, he is no beginner – that’s why you need to build up your strength and knowledge and need to develop sound scripture knowledge, because no pastor or deliverance minister will be there in the middle of the night when the monsters (literally!) come attacking you!

Remember, JESUS can break your chains, no one else can.

And you need your own relationship with HIM so that you can call on HIM and HE will come to your rescue whenever you need HIM, regardless of who else is or isn’t there or available.

GOD bless you, my friend.

I am here for questions or to pray with you.

Deliverance is an inside job though and if you haven’t done your homework, I will ask you to do so and come back after – most likely, when you have done all that is recommended in all the sources you can find here and elsewhere (there is so much helpful information out there, and part of your “homework” is to find out which is true and which is fake), when you’ve done all that and prayed and asked GOD to guide you, you probably won’t need any human help any longer, because you will have your own access to GOD and to HIS power.

I pray that GOD will help you and deliver you from all that troubles you. In JESUS’ name.

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