Reblog from Jesus Truth Deliverance – please read! Kundalini Awakening/Arousal/Activation or Really Demonic Possession?

Many people are seeking some supernatural thrill to fulfill them instead of going to the living God of the Bible. I believe since all people without Christ have a spiritual vacuum within themselves they will seek spiritual experiences in hopes it will fulfill them. The devil, which the Bible calls the deceiver, knows this so […]

via Kundalini Awakening/Arousal/Activation or Really Demonic Possession? — Jesus Truth Deliverance

Dear friends,
I usually don’t reblog.
Feel the need to make an exception here, because this is a topic which is of greatest importance!
The evil spirit of kundalini, a demonic spirit!!!, is the very spirit which got me into deep spiritual trouble and almost killed me.
You MUST understand that you HAVE to stay away from yoga, tantra, meditation, energy healing, manifesting, everything eastern and New Agy, hinduism and gurus – BY ALL MEANS!!
And if you did get involved in any of this stuff, only JESUS CHRIST can help you and I pray that you will turn to HIM and repent!
GOD bless you, dear friends!

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