your testimonies

Dear friends,

this is the space, the platform, the room where we all would love to read YOUR testimony.

Please share it with us, to encourage others, to testify of THE GOODNESS of THE LORD, to help us all believe, to help spread the good news, to help us build our faith by being amazed at what THE LORD has done for you.

Please comment and testify!

Thank you and GOD bless you.

Here is a testimony of a woman who got free from demonic attacks, astral attacks, black magic, satanism, sex magic.
And I know from my own experience that everything she is saying is 100% true and I thank GOD for setting her free.
I’ve commented some more on her testimony in my article Divorce from Spirit Husband.
If you have a story like this or a different story, something GOD delivered you from or rescued you out of – please share it, so that others can learn from it and so that they can find hope and build their faith. we are supposed to be witnesses of HIS kingdom!

And if you are struggling with similar issues, read my articles what to do if demons haunt you and need deliverance and if you have questions or need help finding a deliverance minister or need prayer, please feel free to message me.

Please share this, please comment, please share your own story – here and with people you know and don’t know!

GOD bless you and GOD bless her, her name is Megan, please pray for her!



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