your testimonies

Dear friends,

this is the space, the platform, the room where we all would love to read YOUR testimony.

Please share it with us, to encourage others, to testify of THE GOODNESS of THE LORD, to help us all believe, to help spread the good news, to help us build our faith by being amazed at what THE LORD has done for you.

Please comment and testify!
Thank you and GOD bless you.

Previously, I had posted a link to a video testimony here of the young woman on the picture, her name is Megan, and she had put up videos on youtube where she told the story how she got free from demonic attacks, astral attacks, black magic, satanism, sex magic.
And I know from my own experience that everything she is saying is 100% true and I thank GOD for setting her free.
I’ve commented some more on her testimony in my article Divorce from Spirit Husband.
However, her videos have been taken down – sometimes, the enemy can discourage us and tell us that we mustn’t share our business online, too shameful!
So I can only hope that she didn’t get discouraged in THE LORD, only took her story off the internet.

It’s SO important that we put our stories out there!
Others out there are struggling and they are still in the middle of their disaster and they have no idea where to turn for help.
If we don’t speak up and help them and tell the truth, the enemy can keep tormenting them and they will even believe the lie that it’s their fault or they believe that they are crazy!

It is not easy to speak up and share what we have been going through, but we must, so that others can find help and that they can learn that JESUS CHRIST can set them free as well.

I found another very powerful video testimony about demonic attacks – these things are REAL, friends!

Thank GOD she is free now.
And she has many other videos on her channel that you may want to check out, good stuff!

If you are troubled by demonic forces, I hope you can find some valuable information on this site or if you need help, please do get in touch!
And if you got free from them – or from any other plot of the enemy against you – please share!!!
If you have a story like this or a different story, something GOD delivered you from or rescued you out of – please share it, so that others can learn from it and so that they can find hope and build their faith. We are all supposed to be witnesses of hope for HIS kingdom!

And if you are struggling with similar issues, read my articles what to do if demons haunt you and need deliverance and if you have questions or need help finding a deliverance minister or need prayer, please feel free to message me.

Please share this, please comment, please share your own story – here and with people you know and don’t know!

GOD bless you!

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