Need deliverance?

Dear friends,

regardless of what you believe about the devil and demons and evil spirits and witchcraft and satanism and black magic – these things are all real.

As real as the nose in your face.

And one of the most successful snares of the devil is to fool so many people into believing that he doesn’t exist.
Because if you believe that, you will be exposed without any defense to his attacks and he can destroy you in plain sight.

What you need to understand is that everybody is a potential victim to demonic attacks, even Christians, especially Christians to be precise, because the devil doesn’t like us to be saved, delivered and free and he knows that JESUS gives those who believe in HIM the power to defeat the enemy.

If you should experience anything which is tormenting you, it is very likely that a demon is behind it.

No matter what it is – a troubling and worrying chain of thoughts which is reoccurring, an addiction, a compulsion, nightmares, a mental illness issue, depression, suicidal tendencies or other self-harming incidents, repeating negative behavioral or relationship patterns, anxiety, panic, isolation, loneliness, feeling unworthy, physical issues even (there are very typical ones which occur after certain sins of ourselves or our ancestors), hearing voices, seeing shadows, ghosts or other frightening things…

If any of these are troubling you, it is very likely that they stem from demonic activities in your life.

And then you need deliverance.

First, you will have to do an inventory in your life and in the lives of your ancestors and it will have to be a thorough investigation – as if you were a detective and would look for the murderer, you will have to take a very close look at all the evidence you can find – you are looking for sin, for cursed objects, for forbidden activities, for so called “open doors” in your life, because without any of these, if you were living a completely holy life dedicated to THE LORD 100% of the time (which none of us is capable of!!!), OUR FATHER would not allow the devil to touch you – except if HE wanted to test you (as HE did with Job, very inspiring story to understand the works of the devil and how GOD allows everything coming upon us!).

So there must be something!
If not in you or in your life, it may be that your ancestors have sinned and the curse has come upon you.
Most likely, this will be a topic for later, if you are just starting, you will most likely find something or even a lot in your life without having to investigate about the generations before you.

If it is an object, you need to get rid of it.
If it is a sinful activity, you need to stop doing it.
And in both cases, you need to repent.
Dear friends, this is just like the criminal justice system we have in the world, in fact, the one we have in the world is based on GOD’s system of right and wrong (at least before it got corrupted by men) – and if you want to be free, you have to stop committing crimes and have to serve your time, take your punishment – only that GOD pardons us when we repent and sincerely turn from our sins.

It is very simple and easy to understand even for not so advanced bible readers, all it takes is a little common sense!
PLEASE do not believe the false teachings which fool you into believing that once you are saved, you can go back to sinning and will go to heaven anyway – this is a lie of the devil, he wants you to backslide and lose your promise!
Once you are truly saved, you will even WANT to live a life that is pleasing to GOD and do your best to follow HIM and HIS commandments and turn away from sin as much as you possibly can and if it happens (and it does!), you will repent right away and do all you can to get right with GOD.
Everything else is a snare of the enemy…

Right…so far, so good.

You have found the cause, the open door, you got rid of it and you repented of your sin(s).

What now?

ASK HIM to deliver you.
STUDY the word – so that you can fight back with scripture!
ASK THE HOLY SPIRIT to teach you and to help you.

GOD may deliver you right away (and please note that it is always HE who will deliver you, not a pastor, not yourself, not anything or anyone but GOD!).

OR HE may require you to learn your lesson before HE does.

OR HE may not do it and give you something else instead of deliverance.

It is completely up to HIM and you must understand that there is no one else and no place else where you can get deliverance.
You are completely dependent on HIM.
If you hate this idea or disagree, you are probably still under the bondage of the spirit of witchcraft, rebellion and pride are one of it’s most prevalent features.

The process is different for everybody.
You can seek the help of a deliverance minister, but you don’t need to and from my experience, GOD will always want you to do your part as well, HE may allow others to help you on your way, but deliverance is not like a pill you can swallow and then you are cured, it is a process and GOD will require a life change from you if you want to KEEP your deliverance.
Because HE is a just GOD and HE always respects our free will and if we want to go back under the rulership of the devil, we can and we are free to do so.
That’s why it takes rules and HE made them, you can find them everywhere in the bible and you will need to develop some knowledge about them, it is one of the requirements to live as a free, forgiven person, that we learn what we need to do or what is even a breach of the rules and will expose us to the attacks of the enemy.

From what I have seen, heard, learned and experienced myself, deliverance comes with intimacy and devotion to JESUS – there is no such thing as living your life for yourself.
You either live for GOD or for the enemy, you are not your own – you may not like this, but it is the truth and if you don’t believe it, this equals your choice to live for the kingdom of darkness, because only there can you live under the delusion of being your own master or even a god yourself – it is a lie and GOD will not tell you this lie!

The truth can sometimes be unpleasant or even painful, but that doesn’t make it untrue.
Lies can be much more convenient and we would like to rather believe them, but they are still lies.
There is only one truth.
It doesn’t matter to the truth how many people believe it, the quantity of believers in something is not an indicator for its verity – there are countless examples for entire nations being deceived and the bible tells us that the devil is deceiving the whole world – and that actually IS true!
Once you ask YOUR FATHER to show you the truth, HE will.
THE HOLY SPIRIT will teach you about any subject you ask.
You will most likely need to learn to listen to HIM and unlearn to listen to the world… you can ask HIM to open your spiritual ears and eyes and HE will.

IF you don’t get deliverance right away, it may mean that THE LORD wants to teach you first, before HE will set you free.
It may mean HE is testing you.
It may mean HE has accepted you, because testing and chastening is a token of HIS love – even if it doesn’t feel very nice to be tested and chastened, but you MUST endure it if you want to come out well on the other side, there is no way around it and you are not in a position to decide on the conditions of your deliverance, you can only ask and BEG, yes beg HIM, because HE is your only chance, you are completely in HIS hands!

It may take years until you get free – and I know what I am talking about.

But if you ever consider going back to the enemy and your sinful life, you are even more foolish now than you were before, because earlier, you didn’t know, you were ignorant, you had to learn these things, but now, if you go back, you are simply stupid, because it is not an option!
The devil has nothing, he cannot even fulfill the promises he gave in most cases – not so OUR FATHER.
Everything belongs to HIM.
No matter what it is you want or need, HE has it and HE can give it to you, only HE can.

My last and best advice to you if you need deliverance is also not to be too focused on your pain, on your symptoms.
You will need to find a balance between showing GOD that you are truly desperate and that you will not leave HIM alone before HE hears you and delivers you – at the same time, you need to make it absolutely clear to HIM that HE is your GOD and that you are submitting to HIM at all times and under all conditions and that you want HIS will to be done in your life and that nothing is more important to you than HIS favor, love and a relationship with HIM.
This needs to go as far as even accepting the idea that HE may NOT remove this burden from you.
And HE may not – sometimes HE doesn’t and there is a very prominent example for a person HE did not deliver – it is Paul.
Paul is talking about “the thorn in his flesh” and that GOD refused to remove it – none of us is better than Paul, is more favored by THE LORD than he was.
And if Paul is being told that HIS grace is sufficient for him, the same goes for us.

Now that may be the proof of your love for HIM HE requires of you – and if that is so, there is nothing you or anyone else can do about it, because HE is GOD.
It may be the cross HE demands you to carry…

What I am trying to say is that deliverance is not something you can buy, not something you are guaranteed to find in certain places or with certain people, it is a promise of OUR FATHER to us and only HE will decide if we will be delivered and we must meet HIS conditions in order to receive it and we must still do what HE is asking us to do even if HE doesn’t grant us deliverance or not immediately…
HE will always demand obedience, to love and honor and adore HIM and recognize that HE is the ONE AND ONLY TRUE GOD and that there are no other gods beside HIM, to follow his commandments and conditions and to give our life to HIM completely and unconditionally.
And sometimes, there will be more we have to do – only GOD HIMSELF, THE HOLY SPIRIT can tell us what it is – we need to come before HIM prayerfully and listen to our own, personal instructions, regardless what anyone else says, no human being can tell us what to do!

There may be some forgiveness or even restitution necessary before we can receive the gift of deliverance… or learning… or serving for some time to show our remorse…

And even if we will not be granted total or immediate deliverance by HIM, what is absolutely certain is that HE will hear us and will give us something, at least more knowledge and the courage and strength to endure whatever we are asking to be delivered from – mostly accompanied by very useful and precious teachings, which we would never have found without our “plague” in the first place – because we must never forget that OUR GOD is a merciful, good and generous GOD and that HE knows best what we need!

Another thing is good to know and that is what NOT to do if you need deliverance:
Don’t go to anything or anyone except JESUS CHRIST and if you don’t want to do it alone (which you absolutely can!), find a Christian, bible believing deliverance minister to assist you. I personally do not believe that Catholics are Christians and from studying what they do in exorcisms, I doubt that anyone will get free from them, on the contrary, I believe it is again witchcraft and will make things worse- just like any other occult, aka New Age practice (energy healing, reiki, “white magic”, “angel healings” etc… will!)

Here is a very good teaching about deliverance to cover all the basics and get you started – Derek Prince is one of my favorite teachers – and as usual, pray about it, ask THE HOLY SPIRIT to help you and to lead you to the best teacher for you:

If you have been delivered out of the hands of the enemy, please share your story here in the comment section or on the “your testimonies” page – it is so important for those who are new to CHRIST or don’t even know HIM as their savior yet to read about what HE has done for others, so that they can believe HE can and will do the same for them.

Thank you, my friend.

If you have any questions (after reading all the material here and doing research and checking out all the sources I point to in my article “What to do if demons haunt you“) and cannot find a pastor to talk to about what is tormenting you, please get in touch via the contact page and I will do my best to help you find a deliverance ministry where you can get pastoral counseling and prayer.

I hope and pray that this will inspire, heal and bless you and that THE LORD will bless you richly in all areas of your life, that HE will keep you and shine HIS face upon you and bring you peace. In JESUS’ name I pray. AMEN.


4 thoughts on “Need deliverance?

  1. As they say in the U.S. : You go Girl!
    God is smiling as you honor Him.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Amen.
      Thank you for these encouraging words, my brother. The idea that I may have made OUR FATHER smile makes my heart dance with joy…
      I am sure HE is also very pleased with what you do for HIM.
      May HE bless you abundantly!


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