Divorce from Spirit Husband!

Dear friends,

when I was struggling with demons attacking me, I thought I was going crazy.

Many people are experiencing the same thing. Most of them are ashamed to even talk about this, because they believe there is something seriously wrong with them.
And many people do end up in mental institutions or with therapists.

The sad truth is though that these people, doctors, therapists, nurses etc. can’t help someone who is under demonic attack.

What someone under demonic attack needs is not therapy, is not medication, not sedation, most definitely not sectioning, but prayer, the truth, someone who will help them pray and they need JESUS, because JESUS CHRIST is the only person, the only power, the only source, the ONE AND ONLY TRUE GOD who can get them free.
NOTHING and nobody else can help them.
In fact, everything and everyone else will make things worse, will open them up to even more demons and they don’t need a special invitation, once they are allowed to, they will come! And do what their job, their assignment is: kill, steal and destroy.

If you are under demonic attack, you know what I am talking about!
If you need help regarding these issues, please read my articles what to do if demons haunt you and need deliverance and if you have questions or need help finding a deliverance minister or need prayer, please feel free to message me.

Please be assured that you are NOT crazy, demons and the devil are REAL.
In fact, when you realize that you are not crazy, but that demons are tormenting you, that’s when you already have received your first deliverance!
THIS is your sign that all will be well with you.
It is GOD who showed you this truth, so that you could find HIM, so that you would know where to look!
If you were still deceived, you would still be convinced that you had lost all your marbles, but the fact that you know that “something else” is wrong, “something you can’t see”, something supernatural, that already means that GOD wants to save you, because HE has lifted the veil of deception from you, the veil the entire world is being covered by.

And the GOOD NEWS is:
GOD is REAL and HE can help you.
JESUS CHRIST can get you free!

And if you know someone who is struggling with these issues, please don’t send them to a therapist or call the ambulance on them, they will end up being locked up and there, it is very unlikely that they will get help.
If you are a believer, you will understand these supernatural realities and you can help! At least you could – it’s all in the bible.
Casting out demons, deliverance is BIBLICAL!
If your church is not teaching these things, not even speaking about them, if you are even member of a church which preaches that Christians cannot have demons, you are being deceived by the enemy and then, you are not truly serving GOD, not truly part of The Body of Christ – we are supposed to learn these things, supposed to become like JESUS – and HE cast out demons wherever HE went. And HE told us to do the same!

Regarding demonization, it is my personal conviction – and I am saying this as a former therapist! – that a very, very large portion of all mental health problems, if not ALL, stem from demons and are truly demonic attacks or demonic oppression.
And I am not alone with these beliefs – you can read an article I wrote about it earlier here. I even believe that therapy itself is a snare of the enemy to lure us into deeper problems instead of letting us find help  – from GOD, from a pastor who knows how to cast out devils – as JESUS did.

I will now let someone else speak, a woman who was sectioned thrice (!!) and was truly demonized and I thank GOD that HE brought her out.
Here is her testimony.
GOD delivered her from demonic attacks, astral attacks, black magic, satanism, sex magic.
And I know from my own experience that everything she is saying is 100% true and I thank GOD for setting her free.
If you have a story like this or a different story, something GOD delivered you from or rescued you out of – please share it, so that others can learn from it and so that they can find hope and build their faith.
We are supposed to be witnesses of HIS kingdom!

Please share this, please comment, please share your own story – here and with people you know and don’t know!

GOD bless you and GOD bless her, her name is Megan, please pray for her!

I pray that this will heal, inspire and bless you. And that THE LORD will bless you richly in all areas of your life, that HE will keep you and shine HIS face upon you and bring you peace. In JESUS’ name I pray. AMEN.

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