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Dear friends,

all topics which are “off topic” or taboo are really something else:
they are the devil’s property, his playground.
All we never want to talk about leaves this domain entirely to him and he can “do his thing” there without anyone ever disturbing him.

Because we will be cut off from everyone in this area, not be exposed to correction and edification by our Christian brothers and sisters here – we hide these things from them and we do this, most of us do this, even though we are members of churches, mothers, wives, pastors, husbands, teachers in Sunday School, elders…

Everything that is hidden belongs to the devil.

Not only because it is most likely sinful.

Why else would we have to hide it  – if it was ok to do it, why wouldn’t we be able to tell?

You see, the mantle of shame is what is not only around the sin itself, but also around the consequences – because we know that what we have done was wrong, we are ashamed and afraid to tell anyone about the consequences as well – we know that we deserve the punishment!

I will give you an example:
A pastor has been lusting after a beautiful woman in his congregation, a woman other than his wife.
He knows exactly that adultery is not only the act of physically having sex with another, but even the lust of the eyes, imagining being close to this person… he is already guilty and he knows it.
Now, this woman may be a very respected person within the congregation, may even be a close friend of his wife.
And she knows… she knows that he has swallowed the hook… we women know, don’t we?
Now, this is where her hunt can truly begin.
She can find ways and excuses to be close to him as much as she wants – even with the approval of his wife, who will most likely not suspect anything, at least not right away, because she is used to her husband being surrounded by women and to women seeking his attention, it is part of their every day life.
And this “other woman” can wait for an opportunity to cross the boundary, she will most likely do so very gradually and one tiny step at a time… an innocent touch here, a brushing by his body there, an eventual look in his eyes, just a little too long…. she knows he is responding and she doesn’t intend to stop… and then, it is only a matter of time until something happens, when he will lose his discipline – remember, he already has, so she is fighting not for victory, but from victory…

I could go on and on with this, but I don’t need to – we all know how sin creeps in.

And then we are in trouble.

And we try to hide even more, try to cover it all up.

Not only our desire to sin, but also the actual deed.

We suppress our desire.

Keep it “in check”.

At least for a while…

The devil knows human nature, you know?
He is no clod who has just come out of his cave, he has been around for a long time, almost for as long as GOD has and most certainly for longer than we have been! He is smart, he is clever, he is cunning, sophisticated, very seductive and sneaky and he knows what we desire – he will lure us with the bait we will WANT.
Plus, he will also orchestrate our fall… to stay with the example above, during the time of courtship of “the other woman”, the pastor’s wife may be going through a difficult time, may be less affectionate, less available, less attentive to  his needs, they may even have disagreements or conflicts in their marriage “coinciding” with this pure, “innocent”, devoted and most likely younger and prettier temptation waiting for him…
Or there may be things going on in the ministry… rebellion among the elders, disagreements… or the finances may be low and he may wonder how to proceed with his mission and his calling – and of course, he can’t really turn to GOD about all his problems, because he knows that he has sinned and that also separates him from the only person who could truly help him… JESUS.

It is literally a vicious cycle…

What it truly is is it is a plot from the evil one!

And there is only one way out:
expose, confess, be honest, be transparent, speak about what you can’t speak about!

Bringing all these issues into the light will immediately bring them into the lordship of GOD and snatch them, the entire situation, out of the devil’s ugly claws!

Everybody falls.

It’s part of our nature.

We are ALL sinners.

No exception.

Nobody is exempt.

Regardless of your gender, your profession, your past, your spiritual maturity…. the devil doesn’t care about these things!
He will get whomever he can!

And this is where we need HELP, not secrecy!

When temptation strikes, we need a godly friend and prayer partner, someone we can confide in, someone who can help us stay strong, to resist – and we need GOD like never before.

We need to fast, to seek the face of THE LORD, to submit to HIM, to ask for strength, for wisdom – and wisdom is part of our preparation work, which we all need to do.
Because we know what we are prone to be tempted by.
What can we do to strengthen ourselves?
How can we prevent to even be tempted?
If it was chocolate, you would understand it very easily – or alcohol… we all know that it’s easier not to have any than to stop once we started.

But sex?
Just this once, right?


This one time will be enough for the enemy to enter you.
And then, you will not only have to fight the temptation from the outside, but also from the inside.
Your sin will open the door and then, the devil has a legal right to enter you and torment you.
This is a spiritual law.
That’s why GOD doesn’t want us to sin.
Because sin gives the enemy a legal right over us.

You see, GOD will not ever disrespect our free will.

And HE never lies.

So if we decide to let the devil rule over us, GOD will let it happen.

This is the good part of the story – that we are truly free to love OUR FATHER or to love someone else, HE loves us so much that HE will always give us the freedom to stay or to go.

The problem is though, that NONE of us know what we are getting ourselves into when we leave… most of the time, we don’t even know that this is what we are actually doing, leaving GOD, HIS kingdom and HIS protection.

This can all go on for a very good while, if we are too ignorant, even for the rest of our lives until it is too late!

But sometimes, GOD blesses us with PAIN, with TORMENT, with DISASTER, with EMBARRASSMENT or with PUBLIC SHAME.
Yes, that’s what they truly are – blessings!
HE lets the consequences of our sin become so obvious, so visible, to severe, that we MUST understand what’s going on and that we must see that there is only one way out: repentance, confession, remorse, to turn “from our wicked ways” and return home to OUR FATHER who is waiting with open arms to receive us back and to forgive us.

Some of us are not that lucky though.
Unbelievers for instance.
They don’t know what’s happening.
And they get worse and worse and commit more and more sin…
For example, unbelievers, even some believers, do not have this knowledge, they don’t know that evil spirits are going to enter them when they watch pornography – they wouldn’t even know what this is like, wouldn’t know how to tell the difference between them and an evil spirit inside of them…

Do you?

I will give you a more “politically correct” example.
There is a very popular book on the market to help us quit smoking, I myself quit with this method many years ago, it was a good method and it even addressed the core issue, but since I had tried to quit by using my own strength and power and not by the grace of GOD, the result wasn’t permanent back then, only when GOD delivered me from smoking about 2 years ago was I able to stop this bad habit for good…

The book is called “Allen Carr’s easy way to stop smoking” and it’s been a huge success, best selling book and classes according to his teachings worldwide.
And I remember reading this book long before I became born again.
I may not recall everything 100% correctly – please correct me in the comments if I get it wrong – but what I remember very well is that the author is well aware what causes us to smoke (or be addicted to anything!) and he speaks about it openly and it is probably why his method was so successful, because it was the first time the root cause was addressed openly and honestly and that is: an evil spirit.
He doesn’t call it exactly that, but he comes quite close, as far as I remember he calls it the “nicotine monster” – and a monster is exactly what an evil spirit IS. And he describes the dynamic very well, that it’s not you who wants to smoke, but the monster which wants to make you. And that it’s the monster causing the withdrawal symptoms and speaking to you, that you need to have a cigarette…
And it made so much sense to me back then and it helped me tremendously to overcome the urge to smoke.

If only we could understand this.
Because once we understand that the urge is not entirely our fault, it is so much easier to conquer it.

I think this is applicable to every addiction and every compulsive behavior.

By the way, just on a side note, I got free by the grace and the power of GOD from this icky, sneaky and very sticky habit and even with the help from HIS Word – you can read about it here and don’t think that temptation has never knocked on my door ever since – I need to remind myself how hard it was to quit in order to “stay clean” and I thank GOD that HE delivered me from this!

So there are so called monsters out there, the bible calls them evil spirits.
Some people call them demons, even though some people believe demons are something else – there is no need to go into that discussion right here and right now, what we want to look at today is what causes to sin and prevents us from stopping it.

Once we realize that the reason is not us alone, but “something evil”, something pushing us towards the abyss – it will be easier to admit that we need help, it makes so much sense that this “something evil”, which is beyond our powers, needs to be defeated by “something good”, something bigger and stronger than “this thing”, stronger than ourselves –  and our realization that we need help is increasing our chances to get out of the mess we got into! For us believers, it is obvious what and who this is, who can conquer the evil for us, it is of course JESUS.

If we try to fight the devil on our own, without the help of OUR SAVIOR, especially when we are not trained, we don’t stand a chance – the enemy is much more experienced, skilled and he is clever, smart and a lecher.
He is better at this than we are!
He will find a way to make us yield to the temptation.
Or he will use plain force – which he can. The devil does have power.

Only GOD can help us.
Only GOD is stronger than the devil.
It’s best to fight together with a Christian, with a godly friend and ally, ideally someone who is more experienced in spiritual warfare and can teach us how to gain the victory.
If you don’t have someone to help you, try and find a person and / or a church as soon as you can or at least seek some help online – this is what I love so much about GOD, even though the devil invented the internet so that he would have more opportunities to make us fall (ever notice how much and how unexpectedly these pornographic ads, pictures and emails haunt you when you are online and especially when you really want to do some research or work for GOD?) and GOD uses it to our good, so that we can find the truth and fellow believers and people who can help us, who are going through the same stuff.

So what did I want to say with this?
Let me sum it up:

  1. When we sin, evil spirits will enter us
  2. When we keep our problem hidden, it will become worse and not only will an occasional sin become a habit or even a compulsion, the urge will also become more filthy and more and more areas of our lives will be defiled and destroyed
  3. Only TRUTH AND LIGHT, confession, exposure, transparency, honesty and humility, asking for help, reaching out, seeking GOD, prayer and fasting and spiritual warfare can help us
  4. Nothing can ever stay hidden from GOD
  5. GOD will not deliver us if we don’t repent
  6. The ultimate consequence of sin is death/ hell

What helps us to realize that we not only need to stop sinning, but also do so as quickly as possible is when we stop running away from seeing the consequences of our deeds.

In the example of our pastor, the result will be that his marriage will fall, his ministry will follow… his entire life is going to fall apart as a consequence of this if he doesn’t take immediate action before it’s too late!

And when it comes to other sins, addictions for instance – these things are ALL meant to kill you, to cause an untimely death and drag you to hell.

With smoking, everybody knows that this is true and that it causes many diseases.
But are you aware that sex spirits can also kill you?
Not just by letting you catch the HIV virus – literally, the spirits themselves can – or they can make you so depressed that you will want to kill yourself.

If you are addicted to pornography, you will know that this is not your only problem.

They always come in “gangs”.
Pornography for instance will destroy your marriage, if you have one, if you have no relationship, these spirits will make sure that it stays this way and that you will suffer from loneliness, depression, suicidal tendencies or that you will develop much more “extreme”, if not perverse or even illegal sexual and worldly habits and addictions… either way, it will bring you further and further away from GOD and that’s the point.

So my appeal today is:

if you have a problem you can’t deal with, regardless of how embarrassing it may be, find someone you can talk to about it, someone who understands sin, spiritual warfare and evil spirits, a pastor, a Christian Counselor, a godly friend who is educated and versed in The Word, someone who can pray for you and with you and help you get delivered.

And if you want me to be that person, you can contact me through the contact form here on my site or via

These things never just go away on their own.
They need to be dealt with.
The sooner the better.

And speaking about them is your first step to deliverance.

GOD will not turn you away.

HE will not be disgusted or angry or reject you for what you have done!

HE is a merciful, loving GOD and as long as you are sincere and not only pretending to be sorry in order to be free from the harassment, HE will help you, HE will deliver you and HE will forgive you and welcome you back home.

I hope that this will inspire, bless and heal you. And that THE LORD will bless you abundantly in all areas of your life, that HE will keep you and shine HIS face upon you and bring you peace. In JESUS’ name I pray. AMEN.




6 thoughts on “Hot topics

  1. It’s really hard talk, but that’s what is happening all around. Lord have mercy on us. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Thank you so much for reading and commenting, my brother.
      GOD bless you!


      1. You are so very welcome dear sister Evangelista.

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  2. Excellent post! So many do not realize the depth of spiritual warfare and it is not anything to play with! It definitely destroys marriages, the root is lust. And lust, when it has fulfilled itself bringeth forth death. A spiritual death for sure. Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. To GOD be the glory.
      Thanks so much for reading and commenting.
      GOD bless you, my sister.

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