I got killed last night

Dear friends

Did you ever die in your dream?

I did.
Last night.

And I decided to share with you what happened and what this means.

I believe GOD wants me to become more open and specific about the side of my life that I have not been talking about too much up to now.

The side where witchcraft has been hitting me for years now… the side where I talk about the things nobody talks about – so that those who are being plagued by this stuff and also by shame and guilt, will get free – as JESUS said in John 8:32: “You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.”

This is the very reason why I have started this blog in the first place.

To spread the truth and to expose the wiles of the devil.

Because only when we know what’s going on, can we overcome it.

And one of the reasons why satan still has a lot of people and a large part of the world in his filthy claws is because not many people talk about these things.
Partly because they are involved in it, partly because they are ashamed, partly because they are afraid, partly because they don’t want to freak others out, or some are afraid that they will not gain followers or likes when they talk about these things.

Me, I have not come here to be liked, but to tell the truth, so that people who are still in bondage – like I used to be – can break free as well!
And I am quite sure this article won’t get likes or at least not many, most people like to hear the encouraging and positive things and the miracle stories and the fun part of being a Christian… but the part I want to talk about today is what will help people who are struggling – many of them secretly, like myself in the past.
And I myself have found help on the internet when I was at my lowest point.
It is my prayer that someone, who has been attacked in their dreams, will find this article and will gain hope and will be encouraged by it, and if they are not a Christian yet, I hope that this will convince them that they need to give their life to JESUS, so that HE can deliver and save them – from witchcraft and from hell!

But let me tell you what happened in my dream:

Last night in my dream, someone tried to kill me and I actually died – I woke up in the middle of dying and started praying and calling on the name of JESUS and cancelling the dream and pleading the blood immediately and rebuking the spirit of death and sending all witchcraft back to sender!

This is called spiritual warfare and it is something you need to learn if you are “bugged” by witches or satanists or evil spirits.
Being attacked at night, either during your half-awake-state or in your dreams, is one of the signs that you are under demonic and / or witchcraft attack.
At this point, it is not of such great importance where the attacks come from or what exactly they are, I want you to know that you can stop them and render them effect-less – and I want to give you a brief instruction in this article what you can do – in a nutshell.
You will have to learn more and do some more research about these things, but for the beginning, it is good to know some basics.

First of all, let me assure you that you are not crazy.
Also, it is important to know that not all dreams are satanic or demonic – some stuff may actually haunt you in your dreams because you have been reading books or watching movies about it in the time when you were awake!
Let me give you an example: before I became a Christian (I was already under attack and had not found any halfway useful sources of help at this point), I watched all episodes of “the Vampire diaries” and “the Originals” as well – perhaps you have heard of this series, as the name says, they are about vampires, and a lot of what they show in this series is actually very realistic and true!
This is actually another huge learning for many people, including for me in the beginning of my walk with THE LORD:
the devil is an expert in hiding in plain sight and he also gives out “half-truths” in order to become more credible (look at Eve!!!).
ALL the stories about witches and vampires and zombies contain so many true elements and this is how he makes half the world believe that he is not real, one of his biggest lies, but also one of his most effective ones!!
Because when people watch these things on TV and then the same stuff happens to them at night, they will believe that they are crazy.
Which is exactly what he wants them to believe.

Back to my dream or a bit more deeper into it:
I was outside on the street (close to a tube station) and an elderly man, who looked a bit dirty and wearing old clothes, as if he was probably living on the streets, asked me if I had change for a 5 pound note, I declined and then I noticed he held something in his hand, and whilst I was looking at it, it looked like an old, used Q-tip, in the very same second, this thing turned out to be like a blowpipe and some grey powder mixed with smoke came out of it and hit me in my chest and it spread in my chest and I died… as I said, in the middle of dying, I woke up from my dream.
The man had “crazy and spooky eyes” – just like the satanist who has been attacking me for years now…

Why I am sharing this is because I want you to know that there is absolutely no need to be afraid of these things!

Terror and fear is their main weapon.

But once we understand the power of GOD, we will not be afraid of them anymore.

GOD is stronger than they are.
Only if HE allows it can you be attacked – look at Job!
Satan had to ask GOD’s permission to touch and afflict JOB- that means that nothing, not a single thing can happen to any human being on the planet without GOD’s permission!
Some things may be inexplicable to us, but GOD knows exactly what HE is doing.
HE has all the answers – even the ones that are beyond our understanding!
However, there ARE some things, quite a few indeed, HE has been revealing to us via HIS word and via HIS ministry on earth.
And these things include quite a few revelations about witchcraft, demons, the devil and the kingdom of darkness – it’s in the book!

So for starters, what you need to do when something comes for you at night, here are a few emergency-tipps:

# 1 Call on the name of JESUS – NOBODY else!

NOT Archangel Michael, Gabriel, your “spirit guide”, whoever they may be or in whatever shape they may appear to you, they are demons and counterfeits to the real angels!!!
They are not here to help you!
The minute you will get saved and become born again, you will see their true colours and they will become your worst enemies and will try to kill you!
They are NOT benevolent beings, they are only disguising themselves in order to fool you.
The same goes for any fetish priests, witches, psychics, “energy healers”, reiki practitioners, acupuncturists, herbalists, especially spiritual teachers and / or gurus – they are not going to help you get better – on the contrary, they will defile and infect and afflict you more and more, the closer you get to them and the longer you will stay with them.
ONLY JESUS CHRIST can help you.
In the very situation and also in the long run!!!!

#2 If you have not done it yet, become born again with ALL there is to it!

Only when you are under the authority and in covenant with GOD can HE truly protect you.
We are not free.
That we can be free and live our lives for ourselves is another big lie of the devil.
We are not created to be free and we will ALWAYS serve a master, we can either chose GOD as our master, or if we don’t chose HIM, we automatically chose the devil – that’s right!
Pray about it, and GOD will reveal HIMSELF to you, HE will visit you, will show you the truth.
In fact, you are probably here because HE has already chosen you, because many people don’t even get this far – to realize that something is wrong and that it is not their fault!

# 3 After you have given your life, you need to go through the process

And with the process, I mean purification and sanctification.
You MUST get rid of all cursed objects you own, including clothes, perhaps wigs (my beloved black sisters, you are exposing yourselves to a lot of witchcraft by deliberately wearing someone else’s hair!!! A lot of this hair is from India, the country with the most idols, and they are doing rituals on this hair!!! Hinduism is the worst and nastiest false religion I have come across, the kundalini spirit is WICKED!!!)
Of course, you must repent of all your sins and naturally also stop sinning – if you want to be free?
This includes saying goodbye to carnality.
Movies, clubbing (nope, not for you my dear sister and brother), lustful music ( I am coming for your RnB playlist girl!!!), sexy fashion, cleavage hanging out, too much make up or jewellery, nails too long, lashes (need I say more?), indulging in luxury – ALL these things need to be sacrificed and you must put your appetites, tastes and all your habits under the authority of CHRIST.
You cannot own and / or buy anything without asking THE HOLY SPIRIT if it’s ok.
You need to pray about everything you buy or eat or anything that comes near you – even gifts(!!!), witches can be the nicest and most caring people you will ever meet!
And then they will give you a present and you will have no idea why you start feeling so miserable!

#4 Start being selective and careful of your associations and surroundings

As a Christian, the bible forbids us to be “unequally yoked with unbelievers”.
Your friends also have great influence on you, you need Christians to keep you strong and to speak godly things into your life and future!

Why is all this important?

The fact that you got attacked in the first place means that you have opened a door to the enemy.
There must be some kind of sin in your life (or in your ancestors’ life) for you to be afflicted and attacked like this.
The bible puts it this way:

Proverbs 26:2

As the sparrow in her wandering, as the swallow in her flying, So the curse that is causeless alighteth not.

This is true for my case and for almost every case I have seen.
And if you are in the situation where this is happening, I am assuming you will have a pretty good idea why.
However, there are cases which are inexplicable and for which the solution is only known to GOD – but these cases cannot be discussed here and obviously, I would also not be able to suggest a solution or an answer, because nobody could…


And I mean not just pray as you like or as you would speak to anyone, I mean learn how to pray, learn how to pray so that your prayers will be heard and answered. Spend time with learning how to pray. Ask GOD to teach you how to pray. Read books about it, watch videos about it, take learning how to pray seriously, as if it was the most important skill you have ever decided to learn in your life!!! And it truly is exactly that. The most important thing you could ever learn! And you need to take it seriously. NOTHING works the first time you try it, but if you were a little child and did not succeed walking after trying 2 times, would you ever give up???

#6 Spend time with GOD

Study HIS word.
Listen to HIM.
Speak to HIM.
Give HIM a place in your life!!!
How much time did you spend and waste with learning all these ungodly things?
Whatever you were into?
How much time did you spend, how much money, how many courses did you attend, how many books did you read, how devoted and passionate were you?
GOD knows your heart, HE will know if you really mean it!!!

#7 Appreciate, love and worship GOD

If someone saves your life and does something really, really great for you, you are grateful, aren’t you?
How could you not be grateful to GOD and express your gratitude, give HIM gifts, do things for HIM,tell HIM that you are glad and grateful.
Whatever it is you could possibly do for HIM, HE deserves it and you and I deserved nothing of what HE has done for us.

That’s pretty much it for now – I firmly believe that the points I listed here will help many, if not most people under witchcraft or demonic attack.
They are my findings of many years of intense studies on the topic – mainly because I had to.

Last, but not least, before I will also list a few sources which I myself found very helpful when I researched these things and also pointers towards previous articles I wrote here, which you may want to check out, let me encourage you with these truths:

  1. If you were not about to find something truthful, the devil wouldn’t bother to attack you.
    He has no dealings with people who are not dangerous to him.
    In fact, if you have never been under severe attack or in severe tribulation, this would be more reason to be concerned, because if the devil has left you alone, there can only be one reason for this: it can only mean that he has you, otherwise, he would be fighting you!
  2. Not only regarding your current state are the attacks a good sign, but also regarding your future!
    A burglar will never break in to an empty house.
    If your life and your knowledge, devotion and skills were of no threat to the devil, why would he waste energy to fight you?
    It means that GOD has something for you which will be a danger to the kingdom of darkness.

I hope you can receive these truths and these words of encouragement.

Let me know mention and few resources which I found very helpful:
I myself have tried to put a few things together to help you on my page “need deliverance” and in my article “what to do when demons haunt you”, but additionally, where I learnt a lot was:
– Derek Prince
– freshfireprayer.com
– demonbuster.com
– jesustruthdeliverance.com
this is a blog with SO much information about demonic issues – and if you don’t
know if you have demons or how they could have got in, I recommend you spend
a lot of time on this blog reading as much as you can, but specificly this article:
Demonic Doorways and Signs or Symptoms of Demonization/Demonic Oppression
– hardcorechristianity.com
– moody manuals
– miracleinternetchurch.com
– Tedline TV on youtube
– MrPastor77 Reloaded on youtube – great prayers for everything that might be troubling you
These are some very useful online sources where I found helpful information, but there are so many more and the more research you yourself do, the better for your understanding and the more you understand, the better for your deliverance process.

And remember, the more intense the attacks are and become, the closer you are to your breakthrough!!!

As in my dream, it means that I am very close to entering a “station” (spiritually meaning a level, a stage) where my enemies do not want me to ever arrive!
That’s why the assassin came to try and get me before I entered.

But last night, they failed.

As many times before…

Of course, I know I will win and will get anywhere I am supposed to get, and I will live and not die, and declare the goodness of THE LORD!!!, as JESUS is with me and HE has already won – and only because HE allowed it, could all this happen to me for years in the first place… so that I would learn and live to tell the tale!

And so will you, my friend!

JESUS is THE KING OF KINGS and with HIM, you will win every battle!

HE will bring you out and HE will even use your struggles for your good and for the good of others!

Please do your research and you will find the truth and you will be free!

I hope and pray that this will inspire, encourage, heal and bless you. And that THE LORD will bless you abundantly in all areas of your life; that HE will keep you and shine HIS face upon you and bring you PEACE. IN JESUS’ name I pray. AMEN.

21 thoughts on “I got killed last night

  1. I learned several years ago that I have to say “Satan you are not welcome here. Leave this place and these people alone.” it has to be said OUT LOUD because Stan can not read our thoughts! It works!!

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    1. Nice one my dear sister!
      I hope this will help someone who will come here wondering what to do…
      Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting.
      GOD bless you!

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  2. Great post, Eva. You’re right, people need to know about these things, and they are not often talked about in most churches in the West.
    I have been on the “front lines” during certain seasons in my life – like having an evangelical outreach on Halloween night! I love the idea that if we’re attacked by the devil, we can take that as a sign that we’re a threat to him. That makes me want to dig in my heels, pick up my sword, and fight harder. Nowadays, I spend a lot of time in the morning “putting on the armor of God,” and it prepares me for whatever is coming my way that day.

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    1. Thank you so much for this my dear sister!
      I absolutely looooove how my Christian family, my brothers and sisters here online and from all parts of the world are adding these crucial aspects to my list‼️❤️

      Of course, we cannot EVER go anywhere or start a day, let alone leave the house without putting on the full armour of GOD of Ephesians 6!!! Totally agree with you 💯

      I have always loved your profile „pic“ about it – and then paired with your blog title and the rest of your content – very powerful 🔥💥🔥

      Thank you for adding the most essential equipment of every warrior to the list⚔️ GOD bless you 🙏🏻💕🙌🏻

      Liked by 1 person

      1. LOL, I hadn’t even been thinking about adding to the list, but I guess you could. The armor is woven into my prayers for the day – offering my body to the Lord as a living sacrifice (Romans 12:1) as I’m putting on the “belt of truth.” Offering my mind to be renewed as I’m putting on the “helmet of salvation.” And offering my heart as I’m putting on the “breastplate of righteousness.” “Having my feet fitted with the readiness of the gospel” and asking the Lord to direct my steps Taking up the “shield of faith” and asking the Lord to shield me and my family with His faithfulness (Psalm 91:4). Many of my prayers are quoting Scripture, since that’s our “sword.” 😉
        The picture was put up as my profile picture, and I’m not sure how it happened. I am technologically challenged, so I also don’t know how to change it! But I kind of like it. I don’t want to call it an “accident.” I think that’s the profile picture the Lord wanted me to have.
        P.S. You may be too young to remember, but Twila Paris had a song early in her career, called “The Warrior Is a Child.” I love that song – I identify with her. ❤

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  3. I don’t know that I have blogged about it specifically, it certainly worked it’s way into many of my sermons over the years. Both my mother and grandmother claimed to be witches, only half jokingly, and included me in many of their “dabbling” —Automatic writing, seances, ouija board and I read several books I should never have out of my o n curiosity. But when the Holy Spirit came full force into my life I saw how deceptive and dangerous it all was, but now I have as dangerous to the enemy because I had read his playbook. My mother later was also baptized in the Holy Spirit and her Familiar spirits, and which had always manifest as a kindly old farm couple, were revealed as hideous demons after I encouraged her to demand they reveal their true identity. She then demanded they leave in Jesus name, they did. And my grandmother later gave her heart to the Lord shortly before he called her home. Anyway, long story here, maybe I do need to write more on this. I have just always preferred to keep the focus on the light. God is good, and thanks again for your courage here, the enemy hates those who expose him, but love conquers all and knows no fear!

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing my dear brother.
      I am sure people who will stop by will be encouraged by your testimony and will also visit your blog for more.
      Completely agree to what you say that focusing on the light makes more sense, except sometimes when the attacks are too severe there is no other focus possible and that stuff has to be stopped first – in JESUS name!

      I do like your sermons and posts, so hopefully people who came to my blog and reading this will check them out…

      GOD bless you!


  4. Good stuff! Thank you for doing the hard work in your thorough exposition here. Having come from a background of witchcraft (as a child) myself and having been in ministries that often led me into places where spiritual warfare was necessary, as all ministry should be prepared to do, I can give all that you are teaching here a big amen! The devil depends on the ignorant of the saints to continue his reign of terror and destruction, but he cannot stand for a minute in the light of Jesus is we take the authority given us and let it shine. And yes, that warfare often takes place in our dreams, but even there we can conquer. Keep teaching truth sister, your sword is sharp.

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    1. Thank you so much my dear brother, to GOD be the glory!
      I never knew that about you, that you came from a background of witchcraft?
      Have you written about it?
      If you have an article about it on your blog, please feel free to post the link here, so that people can check it out..?!?
      We need to spread the truth and get as many as we can free in CHRIST.
      Thank you again for stopping by, reading and commenting and for your encouraging words – much appreciated!
      GOD bless you!


      1. Found an older blog of mine that addresses the power and authority we have over all spirits rendering all demonic, occult, or any other attack against us void. https://howtobeafunctionalfamily.wordpress.com/2021/09/18/bound-by-the-spirit/

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      2. Good stuff my dear brother!
        That’s actually great and I am glad you brought this aspect into the discussion.
        GOD and following HIM is the greatest!!
        And there is absolutely nothing a believer needs to fear.

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  5. Profound! We shall know the truth and the truth shall set us free.

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    1. Thank you my brother. GOD Bless you!

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  6. A good list Eva. God is so powerful he is not afraid to set a royal table for us and dine with us in the presence of our enemies(Psalm 23)

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    1. Aahhh, Psalm 23, my favorite psalm, the only psalm I know by heart!
      The list is just a first prompting to begin with, there is so much more… for instance, since you demonstrated it, it is also important to know scriptures, what I call “warfare scriptures”, and to know them by heart, because the devil and his minions will not wait for you to turn on the light, find your bible or turn on your computer so that you can search for the correct scripture online… we need to know them so that we can recite them and throw them into the enemy’s face in the situation of being attacked, it is the very same thing JESUS did when HE was tempted by the devil in the wilderness in Luke chapter 4.
      If anyone should be reading this and wondering where to start with building their “toolbox” of warfare scriptures, I wrote an article about it here on this blog and you can read it here
      PLUS, as said in Revelation 12:11, we overcome him by the blood of the lamb and by the word of our testimony – so it is important to testify when GOD has done something for us!
      And so much more…
      Thank you for commenting and once again adding an important aspect, my dear brother!
      I appreciate your input so much. You are skilled and spirit filled and I know that GOD is with you, speaking through you – on your blog and on other people’s blogs…
      GOD bless you richly!

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  7. “hungry and unfed spiritually” Oh My! I have recently returned to my ‘roots’- the black church because I too was hungry and unfed spiritually. I have always craved and read ‘The Word’ for myself, but the Sunday ‘fluff,’ I could no longer bear.
    In regards to my ‘weave-a-rella’ sisters- they are and will remain resistant to relinquish their ‘black girl magic!’ But rebellion is likened to witchcraft and Saul was rebuked and removed from his throne due to his rebellion and his desire to be accepted and approved by others!!
    My sisters, I pray will stand someday in their own ‘crown’ of glory- their own head of hair- and receive God’s love and acceptance instead of man’s and ultimately they will not be hindered by these particular spiritual hinderances, as they race to receive their ‘crowns’ of everlasting life. Thanks Eva! Keep being obedient to the Lord!!💕💕

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    1. I believe JESUS hates the Sunday fluff as well, as HE hates hypocrites and lukewarmness.
      I also believe that when the missionaries went to Africa to evangelize and to spread the good news and the gospel, they forgot to take it back home with them!

      Not sure if you have ever seen it or heard of it, but there was a conference in 2001 in Colorado Springs, me, I had not known about it and I had definitely not been a Christian back then, but I was greatly confirmed and encouraged in my discernment when I saw a video of it and heard my pastor talk about it, as he had been there:
      At this conference, Pastor Ted Haggard, who represented 27 million evangelical Americans at the time, asked Pastor EA Adeboye to pray for him and to pass on his mantle to him as a prophetic act, so that America could receive a transference of the Supernatural Grace upon the Nigerian Church for rapid growth and miracles and for a fresh anointing.
      I believe the American (and most definitely the UK) church still refuses to grow into that mantle.
      In my take, it is because they are unwilling to level up and match up with the level of discipline, obedience and sacrifice the Nigerian church has.

      Well done for having listened to your spirit and having left to where GOD has told you to go! In the end, we are only accountable to HIM and need to be where THE HOLY SPIRIT wants us.

      And good luck with your “weavarellla”-endeavors, I find the term hilarious!!!! 😂Let’s not be too hard on them though and we mustn’t forget that we are not perfect either, only JESUS is!

      GOD bless you real good my dear sister💕🙏🏻

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  8. Eva!! “my beloved black sisters, you are exposing yourselves to a lot of witchcraft by deliberately wearing someone else’s hair!!!” This is so good! I am not a wig or hair-weave wearer, but I have seen these rituals and dedication ceremonies when these women’s heads are shaved. I never thought about the transfer of their demons along with the hair!! Wow! What a revelation. I will share will my sisters who are willing to receive the truth!! Thank You So Much and May God Safely deliver you to Complete and Total Freedom from the Powers that are attempting to Prevail and Prevent Your Victory!!💕💕💕

    Liked by 2 people

    1. My dear sister,
      I am a member of an African church – I believe there are only 1 or 2 more white members and the congregation is quite large…

      Ever since I became born again, I was forced to study the kingdom of darkness and spiritual warfare and only in African churches are these things being taught and openly talked about and not ignored like in what I call the “white churches”, where I left “hungry and unfed spiritually” whenever I attended… there is a lot more to it, but let me assure you that I have a deep love for my black brothers and sisters!!!

      However, when it comes to the wigs and the weaved hair, I can only pray for my sisters – it is something they are unwilling to hear, at least that’s what I have found, so I am mostly leaving it alone and praying only, but when someone is troubled and talking to me about it, I will suggest to go through EVERYTHING they own which could be cursed and wigs are definitely a possible cause for demonic affliction!

      I hope that you can get some of your people away from it – I am sure it will be easier for them to receive this revelation when a black person tells them, that’s another reason why I am so extremely careful in this area, I never want my African sisters to feel patronized, as I believe white people have done that long enough!!
      But in this case, it is true and they only refuse to see it, wearing wigs and changing their hair so often is a “lifestyle” and part of their “blackgirl magic” and it looks fabulous, but the hair is definitely cursed and dedicated to deities – as you say rightly, and I am very glad that you yourself have stayed away from it and I am sure that this is one of the reasons why you are spiritually well!!!

      In regards to your prayer for complete deliverance, I will respond with a loud and resounding “AMEN” to that and I gladly receive it! However, whatever GOD believes I need in order to fulfill HIS plan for my life, HE will allow things to happen to me until I have learnt what HE wants me to learn – I do believe that this is true for all of us, that our suffering means that GOD is training us for our ministry – and the deliverance ministry is one that probably nobody would chose deliberately, everyone wants to be a great singer or prophetic or have the gift of healing, so when GOD calls someone to the deliverance ministry, HE sometimes needs to “persuade” them a bit more and give them more of a “very practical idea” why this ministry is so important – that’s the humorous way to put it… but on a serious note, I know that HE knows everything and that HIS plan for me is perfect, including HIS timing, so I will obey and trust HIM…

      But as I said before, I appreciate your contributions and you seem to be aware of many things and even very willing to learn, which is very important and a good quality to have, I believe.

      GOD bless you and thank you for the encouragement, it means a lot!💕🤗

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