Witches at work

Dear friends,

I got fired yesterday and the reason why I got fired was because my former manager and at least one of my teammates are witches.
So it was the work of witches that I lost my job and it was also witches at work, in my workplace, which caused me misery and pain.
And I am not alone.
This is to bring more into awareness how many witches we work with, how they work and plot their evil and how to spot them.

At first, it does sound “a little” crazy, I know, but it is not as sensational or unusual as it may sound.
Perhaps it doesn’t sound too unusual to you?
Well, if it does, see it that way:
If you are a Christian like me, you live your life, go to work or stay at home and care for your kids or stay at home and work from there or go to uni or study from home, the thing is though, you do what you do for GOD.
No matter what you do.
And when you go to work, you go there and look for opportunities to share the gospel with your colleagues or even with people on the bus or on the train you take every day – and if your friends and family are not saved, you will tell them all about JESUS a lot (probably a lot too much in their taste) in order to save them from going to hell after they die – because you love them.

This is what we do.
We serve the GOD we love, the GOD we know has created us and the GOD who is the only TRUE LIVING GOD.

Witches and warlocks and satanists do the exact same thing!

The devil and his cohorts try to imitate everything GOD does, because the devil is not a creator, only an imitator and a liar. And so are his people, the ones who serve him.
They are even more devoted than many of us are and you can say what you want against the devil, but what you can’t accuse him of is laziness or lack of structure in his kingdom.
So witches and warlocks or whatever you call them, satanists, devil worshippers, people who adore the devil and serve him, knowingly and unknowingly (!!), they are all human beings like you and me.
And they do the same things we do – the exact same things, only for different reasons and in different ways.
They pray, which is by casting spells or enchanting or brewing potions or stealing a person’s hair and doing rituals. Whilst we pray for healing or for good, our own good or the good of someone we pray for, they pray for evil, for destruction, for sickness, for poverty…
Like we pray, they pray as well, only differently and to a different “god” or idol.
And when it comes to evangelizing, they, too, try to spread their “message” and recruit disciples.
And they even do it the same way we do it – only that they are not genuine, but manipulative – and they, too, will be doing their best to try and become your friend.
They will be very nice and attentive, will very often give you a little present or try and feed you some of their food, which is cursed of course and they will listen to you, to your problems, pretending to understand you, what they are really doing is to find out information about you which they can later use against you…
Many people who got sucked into the occult say it was because they got so much attention and acceptance and because they were loved there, whereas they didn’t receive love anywhere else… (now this should be a lesson for US!!)

And they are everywhere – just like we are!

They are at work, too!
They are human beings like us and they need to pay for their lives somehow, just like us, and unless they have a well going spiritual “business” and are openly practicing witchcraft, which many do, but even though the New Age Movement with all their tarot card readers and fortune tellers and mediums and channellers and charmers and so called “energy healers” is growing and is nowadays a multi billion dollar industry, some of them do still lead a double life, pretending and being more or less good at it, to be “normal” people during the day and having a normal job.
And the entire business world is functioning according to witchcraft principles – there is absolutely nothing godly in it!

I mean, they walk through life and they have the same assignment we have:
recruit more souls for their kingdom, only the reason / purpose is different, for us, the motivation is to save people from going to hell, for them, it is to have more people “under them” which they can use, exploit, humiliate and steal their life force and “have power” over them, because what you need to understand is that whereas the kingdom of GOD is all about love, healing, peace and wholeness, the kingdom of darkness is all about power (which equals violence, but they believe it is power to be able to manipulate, intimidate and abuse other people!).

Chances are you, too, are working with some of them.

Why would they not be in YOUR workplace?
Do you work with Christians?
With hindhus?
With moslems?
Well, the latter are the easiest to spot, now, aren’t they?
They actually are much better at demonstrating their faith than we are, they carry their faith on their sleeves, literally, and they are serving their god by showing openly that they belong to him.
Wicca is a religion, too!
And so is the New Age Movement and all it’s “branches”- it is all just another name for satanism.
Yoga is satanic.
Martial arts are.
Meditation or mindfulness is.
Buddhists are satanists, too!
The satanists are not only the ones all dressed in black with loads of tattoos and piercings and listening to death metal, satanism comes in so many forms and guises!

(If any of these shock you or you disagree, please do your research! And I will write more about it, but I also recommend that you go to Jamaal Williams’ blog, he has done some extensive and outstanding research about pretty much everything and everyone belonging to the kingdom of darkness and I highly recommend to every Christian to read through his work!)

Basically, if you are a Christian, you will know that there is only ONE TRUE GOD and everybody who is not serving HIM is serving the devil – even atheism is a religion (a set of beliefs around the (non)existence of a deity or deities), although they would never agree to that.

So what can you do to find out who is a witch?

Sadly, they are usually not as easy to spot as the ones on the picture above.
What you want to look for is manipulation, domination, intimidation and lies.
And if you are trained in discernment or if you have a knowing about these things or if you are sensitive to the spirit realm, you will most likely have a gut-wrenching feeling when you are around them or they will give you “the chills” or “creep you out”, you will sense the darkness in them somehow and you will most likely have an immediate warning coming from the still, small voice inside of you, from THE HOLY SPIRIT – sometimes it will take more than once for HIM to tell you until you will see – and sometimes, you don’t want to listen and want to believe they are good (because you want to be their friend) – and then, you will get hurt, like me…

The best thing is to ask the HOLY SPIRIT to give you discernment.

Even every day before you go to work or before you go anywhere.

Because you don’t want to end up being cursed or hexed, do you?
You don’t want to eat food which will make you sick.
You don’t want to take cosmetics home which are going to put spells on you when you use them. You don’t want to carry a talisman or wear jewellery which will truly allow demons to enter you. You don’t want the devil to enter your life through these people.
And most certainly, you don’t want them to infiltrate your mind and plant all their demonic ideas in you.
Just as we do our best to plant the seeds of OUR GOD in people’s minds and hearts…

It’s not that complicated, dear friends.
It’s exactly what WE DO!
And I must even say from what I have observed in the workplace since I have been aware of these things, I believe they are much better at it than we are!
We, we are often ashamed to talk about JESUS.
THEY talk about their new age crap ALL THE TIME – they don’t care if they are at work or not, they will even without any encouragement tell you what their horoscope said (or what yours said if you let them!), which card they had from the tarot set this morning, what they saw in their last meditation…

Do YOU EVER, dear friends, do you ever tell anyone about the sermon in your church on Sunday?
I think we can learn from them, they are evangelizing (at least trying to!) ALL the time!
And we are ashamed or afraid and what happens is that the devil steals so many souls away from OUR GOD.

The first step is to realize that they are there and that witchcraft, satanism and black magic are real.

Just like we are there. Why wouldn’t they be?
And just like OUR GOD is real. So why would the devil not be?
He is in the bible, too!
And if we believe in GOD, in JESUS CHRIST, in THE HOLY SPIRIT and if we believe that GOD’s word is true, how can we possibly NOT believe in the devil and in witchcraft?

And then, we can pray to become more aware of who they are and how they operate and of what their agenda is.

We can pray for them.
We can ask THE FATHER to forgive them and have mercy on them and save their souls.
We can share Christian stories with them.
We can love them as best as we can and do our best to overlook the darkness in them and love the person, the soul made in the image of GOD.
We can tell them what we did on the weekend.
We can tell them that we don’t do horoscopes and we can tell them why.
Don’t think you are offending them!
In fact, they are offending YOU!
THEY don’t mind to cross your boundaries, to penetrate your thoughts, to tell you things you don’t want to hear about – I am not saying that we should be like them, all I am saying is take a stand and do it more boldly when they are trying to evangelize or dominate you.
Let’s all do our best to be loving and understanding, but do not tolerate their views, because, no, it’s NOT all the same and we do NOT all serve the same GOD!
That’s one of the biggest lies of the enemy and we are betraying GOD when we don’t put our foot down when they blabber about this “one world / one mind” religion, which is just another name for satanism!
Once you let them get away with it, they will claim this victory and will go one step further the next time – just like you would if you had given someone a bible, you would ask them if they have read it the next time, wouldn’t you?

Dear friends, it has been said many times and I may even have said it here, the greatest success of the devil is that so many people believe that he doesn’t exist.
“Occult” means hidden, the occult has so many forms and snares and in modern society, almost everybody who is not a Christian and even many Christians are involved in some sort of occult activity or at least tolerate it in their lives or in their homes and the devil and his cohorts have been very successful in hiding and he is hiding in plain sight.
He is hiding in our schools, in our workplaces, in our churches, in our media, in books, in films, in politics, in the military, he is literally everywhere and has probably more people who work for him than GOD does.
And just because nobody will admit they are working for the devil and serving him (at least not many), that doesn’t mean he doesn’t exist.

The devil is real.
Witches are real.
Magic, enchantments, spells, curses and hexes are real.

Just like OUR GOD and HIS POWER and JESUS CHRIST and THE HOLY SPIRIT are real!!!

Don’t take these things lightly!
If you have the discernment that someone at work (or in your gym or wherever, even in your church!) is a witch, they probably are – these things don’t come out of nowhere, they must have said or done something or many things which your spiritual warning system detected!
Take these warnings seriously, pray about them, pray for the person, but also about them, ask for direction, ask for wisdom  – and OUR FATHER will help you through the encounter with them and perhaps, you will even be able to get them out of there and get them saved – rather than them dragging you into their darkness.

And don’t do what I did this time and what got me fired.
Don’t confront them – unless you are ready and equipped to face the consequences.

Don’t underestimate the powers of darkness.
I did it many times.
And many times, I got into trouble and got severely hit, got my lunch eaten!
Don’t go into the battle unless and before GOD has equipped and trained you!

If you don’t know about these things and are not trained to deal with these things, ask someone who has more experience, a deliverance minister or a pastor who is skilled and knowledgeable in witchcraft and demons.

Stay safe, my dear friends, stay safe in HIM and let HIM protect and guide you and most importantly, don’t be curious, don’t go into their stuff, not even a little bit, it is very, very dangerous!
Don’t break the spiritual hedge of protection around you, you will get bitten!

Ecclesiastes 10:8
He that diggeth a pit shall fall into it; and whoso breaketh an hedge, a serpent shall bite him.

Stay safe and stay blessed, my dear friends.

I hope and pray that this will inspire and bless you and that THE LORD will bless you richly in all areas of your life, that HE will keep you and shine HIS face upon you and bring you peace. In JESUS’ name I pray. AMEN.

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