When the war is over

Dear friends,

those of you who know their history (btw, I am not one of you!), will remember the date when the 2nd World War ended in 1945 and Germany completely capitulated, it was the 8th of May.

Actually, I started this post on the 8th of May, because that was the day when THE LORD told me that my enemy had handed in the letter of capitulation and HE also told me that I would win this battle, even giving me my WORD OF VICTORY, a scripture I had never seen before in my life:

Revelation 3:8-9
I know thy works: behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it: for thou hast a little strength, and hast kept my word, and hast not denied my name.
Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.

Like I said, I had never seen this scripture before even though I do study the bible a lot, every day to be precise and I have listened to it in audio form a lot as well…

Anyhow, there is probably a lot of it which I have not yet consciously taken in and I won’t be surprised if HE surprises me again with a word which is so powerful and exactly suitable for my situation, as if it had been written for me!

The open door is so symbolic for me as I was praying for GOD to show me my purpose and to open the door to being able to work in my calling for HIM for quite a while and I didn’t really know where to turn and what exactly HE wanted me to do, until I had the inspiration to work inside prison with offenders and ever since I first had this idea and the desire to do this work of reconciliation, me, a victim of male violence for so many years, I thought it was perfect, not only would I be able to understand the “criminal mind” like no one else, but also would I be able to heal my own wounds by helping to reconcile the offenders with society, help them attain forgiveness… ever since HE put this idea in my heart, I literally prayed to HIM to open the gates of the prison for me.

And HE did, in January… but unfortunately, what I found inside the prison was not an “and she lived and worked happily ever after” – scenario, but what was waiting for me there instead was a team of witches and I only lasted a little more than 4 weeks before my manager got rid of me – she made the decision to do so in the first week and I know exactly what happened:
she realized that I was filled with THE HOLY SPIRIT whereas she was a fake Christian and a liar… the clash was so intense, I felt it physically – you can read about it here.

Still, I knew that this is the field where THE LORD wants me.
Because the few opportunities I did have to work with “the guys” there, it went like a warm knife through the butter – I wasn’t allowed to mention THE LORD as it was not a Christian charity I was working for and my role wasn’t to evangelize, but to help them find accommodation, but they asked me about GOD almost every single time!
And then, I was allowed to talk to them about HIM – the conversations I had with them were so amazing, I could feel the presence of THE LORD so mightily and at least one of them did change his life when he got out, I am sure about it!

Since my manager had wanted to get rid of me so quickly – to be honest, I didn’t miss her much either, but I still had to find another way to work with the inmates… sending out  applications and looking for a new job this time was different from all the times I had done it before…
THE LORD clearly lead me, I didn’t send out too many applications and almost exclusively to agencies which had jobs in the Criminal Justice Sector and 2 months later, I had another offer in another prison with a different employer.


They let me start right away, even though my prison clearance wasn’t through yet.

In fact, I was surprised I had to re-apply for clearance at all, as it had been granted for 5 years prior to the job I had started in January.

I learned that my previous manager had cancelled it.


It also was against our agreement.

And nobody had informed me about it or given me the opportunity to state my version of the story.

I wasn’t too happy, but what could I do, I had to apply again – and within the new application I was asked to explain why my previous employment had ended and I did – doing my best not to gossip or slander her and only saying that it wasn’t for professional reasons, but because of the “chemistry” between us and that I had done nothing which would prevent me from working in a prison or with prisoners again.

It is true!

All I had “done” was being  a Christian and truly showing love and respect to the guys and she hated it from the very beginning! I had even tried to talk to her a few times and to smooth the air between us.

What truly happened was that I not only stirred up the spirit within her, but also, she got triggered emotionally by me. When that happens outside a client-therapist-relationship and when it happens with someone who is not trained in and aware of psychological issues plus is your manager, there is absolutely nothing you can do.

I handled it well though.
And I am not boasting about me, I am boasting about THE LORD, because HE gave me so much strength and peace and took me through this!
I resisted the temptation to curse them, I even prayed for them (she and the HR director were close friends, that’s why I never had a chance to even tell my side of the story before the decision was made) and stayed calm and trusted GOD and left peacefully and quietly without causing any havoc.

But what can I say, you may know that my clearance was denied in this new application process… and the only reason I could think of was that they must have said something negative about me, because the Ministry of Justice heard them about me – and before, a few months earlier, without their statement about me, I was approved.
So what else could it possibly have been?

Also, even before I found out that my clearance had been denied, I had some troubles with adapting to my colleagues’ attitudes – you can read about it here.

All in all you could say that I kept this post in my drafts and got “carried away” from it  by the events, but I did not forget MY FATHER’s promise, as hard as it was, and I was praying about it, reminding HIM of what HE had promised me.
And I believed HIM for this job as I also asked HIM if HE wanted me somewhere else or start looking for something else …
Nope… didn’t hear anything…

I KNEW this was where I am supposed to work and I even know what the next steps are, GOD revealed them to me! If you want to see what’s next, stay tuned 🙂

So I was waiting for the day when the battle would be over.

And I am not quite “there” yet, but I received the first positive news today about this entire battle to restore my image, to condemn the tongues risen against me, to prevent the weapons of the enemy formed against me from prospering:

I have written so many letters of appeal, complaints, requests to honor my rights in this procedure and today, I received a first positive outcome – it is not final yet that it is going to work well, but the Governor of the prison where I worked recently has been made aware of my case and has decided to open a way for me to apply again, I was approved for the so called “standard plus route”, it is for people who’s clearance has been denied and the prison where they are supposed to work in will ask for an exception on their behalf.


Isaiah 54:17
No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of me, saith the LORD.

By the grace of GOD and GOD willing, I will be working by exception in this prison again soon!

If GOD says “yes”, no man can say “no”!

And if it is HIS will, I will even move on to the other prison where I was supposed to be moving on to, it has a higher security category and they will even take more tests and the vetting procedure is even more complicated and lengthy. But if GOD decides that I will come out clean in this one, HE will also take me through the next one – there is absolutely nothing that HE cannot do and I am looking forward to see it happening, to see HIS WORD to me manifesting in this reality!

But even though this was a hard, intense and lengthy battle for me personally, perhaps the hardest battle of my life, because it was concerning my calling, the purpose GOD has put in my heart, the thing I believe HE wants me to do for HIM on this earth and the enemy knows it and does all he can to prevent a child of GOD from getting there – plus the “other” supernatural interferences I have to face every day and night, this comes on top! – and I was crying, fasting, praying, lamenting, worshipping and praising HIM and asking HIM to move for me, to fight my battles, to bring me through, to grant me victory – I was actually not doing much else, perhaps writing on this blog here and there, but other than that, I spent almost my entire time here within my 4 walls in my prayer closet… and it’s not over yet and I am still fasting and praying and battling, fighting for so many things!

I am happy that HE brought me through this far.

And so grateful.

Even though it is not over and fully won yet, but I know it will be and I know that it is well with me – as long as HE is on my side – and HE is.

But what I am thinking of is not only the time when we defeat the devil in one battle.

I actually have a greater promise of GOD on my mind and on my heart today:

when the entire war will be over.

When there will be PEACE.

And when it will be finished.

Not only for those who already have this privilege of being on the winning team and under the BLOOD and being redeemed through the won, completed and finished war JESUS CHRIST won for us on Calvary.

No, for ALL of us.

Revelation 21:4
And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.

There IS a promise of a different world – and sometimes, when this world truly gets to us and when this life seems too much to bear, there is only this promise and the promise of eternal life we can cling to…

It’s true though.

And when HE grants us, HIS children, the ones HE has chosen, the end of a personal war we have been fighting for a very long time, the victory over an enemy who has truly and really been going to lengths in order to destroy us – that’s when they have a great chance to see THE TRUTH.

When they are shown by GOD that it is us HE favors, that HE gives us the victory over those who wrong us or even deliberately harm us, if they want to, they can use it to open their eyes…

Everybody wants to be on the Winning Team!

From my experience, losing and being wronged and having to swallow injustice gets easier with HIM and in HIM, because HE helps us bear the pain and also, there is a knowing that in the end, justice will be done and that those who wronged us will have to answer HIM… but those who have started the attack in the first place, out of malice, for them, it will be so hard to take that they lost!

I pray that all their competitiveness and malice will make them realize that there was a power at work which is much greater than theirs and the powers they are using or perhaps even the gods the adore, for greater is HE that is in ME than he that is in the world!
I pray that GOD will use this defeat of my enemies not only to put them to shame, but also to take them a step further and open their eyes and make them realize that they need to give their lives to HIM! In JESUS’ name I pray! AMEN.

How about you, my friend?
Did GOD ever give you a victory over the enemy?
Was it a spectacular one?
What was it about?
We would love to hear your story!

I hope and pray that this would bless you, heal you and inspire you and that THE LORD will bless you abundantly in all areas of your life, that HE will keep you and shine HIS face upon you and bring you peace. In JESUS’ name I pray! AMEN.


2 thoughts on “When the war is over

  1. How inspiring to hear you speak victoriously, even amidst current battles!
    I’m prayerfully looking forward to hearing how the LORD leads you through,
    as you seek Him each day, sister 🤗🙏✝️💜 Jackie@KWH

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for praying through this with me and encouraging me, it means a lot!
      GOD bless you, my sister.


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