Sleeping with the devil?

Dear friends,

I have learned something very recently and I have learned it the hard way, have suffered many afflictions, even almost lost my life because of this and I cannot stress this enough, so please read this and pray about it and GOD will show you the truth.

Have you ever touched yourself?

I have.

I have done worse things in regards to sexual immorality – and I am assuming so have you – sorry, it’s just too human for me to believe that anyone reading this is free from sexual sin – even thoughts can be adultery, you know?
And this is not me saying this, in fact, I wish it wasn’t true – THE LORD himself said it.


Matthew 5:28
But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart.


I knew that GOD hates sexual immorality.

And I must admit, I sometimes fell in that area – even after being born again – not so much did I have sex with a man, not until very recently (and that went as wrong as it possibly could have and I am still suffering the consequences!!!), no, when I was weak and lonely and “under pressure”, I sometimes touched myself.
I have been attacked by these sexual vibrations for many years, have been visited in my dreams and raped against my will astrally, have been “sexed up” by this satanist who has been attacking me for many years, almost 8 to be precise.
And sometimes, I was too weak to not give in to the urge to experience an orgasm.
Many times I have been strong, most of the time recently (until this man brought my sexuality back and with that also the desire to touch myself when he wasn’t there), and I somehow knew it wasn’t right and I had heard teachings about it, but I didn’t truly know what was wrong with it…

Adultery, no doubt about it, that was crystal clear, a union joined together by GOD wasn’t supposed to be disturbed or jeopardized by anyone, they had become one flesh, had formed one entity, unity in the spirit realm and nobody is ever allowed to interfere, not one of the partners, nor anyone from outside the marriage.

Even so did I understand the same principle for partnerships, I knew from my research that GOD doesn’t differentiate between married or not, between a legal sexual union, an encounter, or outside marriage, the consequences are the same, soul ties are formed, they become “one flesh”, exchange not only fluids, but also spiritually parts of themselves, deposit parts of themselves into one another and these parts stay there… and what they are also doing is opening the doors for the other person’s demons, I did understand that deeply – which didn’t keep me from falling and making this mistake – the devil is so good in deceiving us, in letting us believe that “our case is different”.

Well, what happened, happened.
And I will have to keep dealing with it and healing from it – but I have this blog, not to complain about my pains and tribulations, but to share what GOD is teaching me – so that you, my friend, yes, you, will not make the same mistake and don’t have to go through the same agony I had to go through.

So far, so good, so much about sex, sexual intercourse with another person.

But what about touching myself?

What’s wrong with that?

I am not harming anyone when I do that, do I?

My spirit was telling me all this time that I should leave it. And the reason I felt why was I thought it was somehow “feeding” these satanic entities which were pestering me all these years.
And from what I noticed, was that I got better and the dreams and attacks got weaker and fewer the less I engaged in any sexual activity INCLUDING not in masturbation.

I still didn’t really know why.

I had come across the teaching about spirit spouses and spirit children and I am assuming that is the reason why I have never managed to have children and neither a happy, long time relationship, even my marriage was broken by these spiritual events.

But very recently, I came across a teaching from someone I had not seen before.
I will post it here and he explains what happens when we masturbate:

we actually make love with a demon.

Yes, you read this correctly.

And through the sexual energy we release and give up, give to them, give to the entity which arouses us and with which we unite during our orgasm, we help them to reproduce more demons.

This is why satan wants us to lust, lust, lust – watch porn, go to prostitutes, fornicate, commit adultery  – or masturbate – he doesn’t care which it is, as long as it is not the one and only kind of sex GOD approves of:
sex between husband and wife within marriage, within a faithful and loyal marriage where nobody steps outside their marital bed, neither physically, nor in their thoughts or not even in their dreams!


Isn’t it?

And I instantly knew in my spirit that this is the absolute truth!

Do you?

It makes perfect sense.

GOD has made sex for bonding between husband and wife, for strengthening their relationship, which is dear and holy to HIM and of course for them to multiply and make babies.

For NOTHING else.

And just like any other sin, when you step outside of GOD’s rules, outside of the convenant with HIM, you automatically subscribe yourself to the devil, automatically serve HIM, automatically allow him to harvest the fruit of your endeavors – and he does.


And GOD won’t protect you.
GOD is not a respecter of persons, but of covenants.
And if WE want to literally sleep with the devil, if that is our choice, even though HE warned us so clearly and in so many places in the bible, if that’s what we want to do with our lives, bring forth more demons or hybrids, then, we will break HIS heart, but HE won’t stop us.
But then, the devil has every legal right to get what we have freely given him:
ourselves and our fruit.

That’s not all though (as if that wasn’t enough):
Not only will we help the devil breed, but also does he now live in us, the demon we made love to when we were masturbating (or fornicating or committing adultery) has also become one flesh with us – just as if he was our husband.

And just like with our real husband, every reunion will strengthen the relationship.
The spiritual laws will not change for us!
This is the outcome.
And the term “spirit spouse” is not a coincidental term.
We marry them.
By masturbating.

That we are only releasing ourselves is a lie!
Just like the lie that yoga is only for physical exercise when it is actually satanic worship – the world is full of the devil’s lies!
Lies are the only way he can get us to submit to him!

Be wise, my friend, do not be like me…

Friends, if you have been masturbating, I urge you to watch this!
Plus, I also recommend that you watch the videos about how to cut the soul ties from the same teacher, Joseph Okechukwu, I highly recommend you to watch ALL these videos!
Because I don’t only agree with what he found to be the problem, but also absolutely agree that if we have indulged in sexual immorality, we have also formed toxic soul ties, which must be broken and I haven’t seen better teachings on these topics, so please, please watch them!

GOD bless you and keep you my friend, and may HE shine HIS face upon you and bring you peace. In JESUS’ name I pray. AMEN.



Finally, the one with the breaking- prayers:

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