Peace, be still!

Dear friends,

I have been a conspiracy-theorist for many years.

Have you?

In case you should not be familiar with this term, they are the people who believe that there is an elite, the richest of the richest and the most influential people in the world, some call them the illuminati, some are more precise and call out the families they are coming from (which I won’t do here, because this is not about them, but about GOD) and these conspiracy-theorists claim that this world elite has an agenda to rule the world, to bring about the so called “New World Order”, which will only have a one-world-government, a one-world-religion, no more human rights and a massive reduction of the world population as well (this is the agenda in a nutshell). Like I said, this post is not about them or their plans, you can do your research and you will find loads and loads of articles, blogs, videos and many people on the internet, who have devoted their entire time to research this matter and to prove these theories.

What these plans and traits and features also are, is, they are in line with the end time prophecies of the bible and their goals are against GOD and they serve and will bring about the so called antichrist of whom the bible also speaks.

The reasons why I mention all this now, today, in these exact times, are threefold:


HE is the way, the truth and the light.
And if we love HIM, we must love the truth.
So if you haven’t, you may want to check these conspiracy theories out, especially if you are a Christian, because they will help you.
You will understand much better how satan, the ruler of this world, or the prince of the air, or the serpent, or the accuser of brethren, or the dragon, the beast, the deceiver, lucifer, whatever he may be called, how he and his agents think and work.
When you research the agenda of this elite (some of them are professed and open satan worshippers!!), you will understand his schemes and patterns much better.
And we must not only love the truth, but also look for it.
How are you going to know the difference between the truth and a lie if you don’t know what GOD says and what the others say?
Because it will be a matter of life or death for us to know the difference and to learn how to tell the difference and know the enemy, in order not to be deceived by him.

2. Patterns

The second reason I talk about this now is the season.
The times we are in.
They are not new.
There have been many crisis in the world, and when you watch closely, you will notice things going on behind the scenes, when new laws are passed very quickly, laws which would have caused an outrage, perhaps even a revolution otherwise, but scandals and catastrophes are taking the public eye elsewhere – this is one of the schemes.

Don’t believe me?

Do your own research!

You will find that the most controversial laws have been passed when a crisis was immanent.

Never mind, that’s not the point either.

The point is:
when a crisis like the current one appears, I am looking for the agenda behind it – always.
And I am also wondering if the crisis is even real?
I am not saying that nobody ever truly died from coronavirus, but I am saying, what if there weren’t even a fracture of the deaths the media reported.
Would we know?

Don’t know about you, but I certainly wouldn’t.

And I am too old to believe everything the media report.

So I was wondering, what is the agenda behind it this time, and it is not difficult to see:
personal freedom is being circumcised, if not slandered, cashless society is being enforced more, which brings us to the coming of the ‘mark of the beast’ without which we are not going to be able to buy or sell.

And what if the enemy wanted everybody or as many people as possible to take his mark, and what if he expected many people not wanting to do so?

What would a great deceiver and liar like him do?

He would make them WANT to take it, even BEG for it, pay for it.

Do you think a medication or a vaccine against the coronavirus would sell well at the moment?

Would YOU want it, buy it?

Well, I think that’s the agenda behind it – and the funny thing is, some countries even already have laws that people can be forced to take the vaccination against Corona – which is completely against any individual freedom rights and which is also strange, because why would they put it in a bill IF they don’t already have a vaccine???
So could it perhaps be that they are lying or following a plan?

3. What now?

I also wanted to bring this up, because I was noticing something (repeatedly), this time and previous times when I did this kind of research.

Yes, it is great to look for the truth and to find it and to pray for it.


But it is very important not to stop there.

Because when we do too much research about the dark and evil plans of the enemy, it affects us, the darkness creeps into our spirit and we can easily panic or begin to feel very hopeless and powerless.

And I was thinking of the account in the bible when the disciples were on the ship in the middle of a storm and they thought they were going to die and JESUS was sleeping… not only that, but when they woke HIM, he told them off for having so little faith and all it took was one word from HIM and the storm was over: “Peace. Be still.”

I think we are prone to do the same as the disciples did, especially if we forget ONE major thing:

To ask GOD to help us and to guide us and to ask for wisdom and direction.

That’s what I did today, what I remembered to do (when I started to feel a little heavy amidst all this striking evidence that they are trying to kill and enslave us all).

And I have never really been fazed by this virus, I was calm all along.

Not because I don’t think it is dire and severe, but because I know it is what GOD wants me to do.

To be at peace.

Because I have HIM.

And to trust in HIM.

Not to believe that I can stop this or figure it all out, I absolutely can’t and neither can you, my dear friend. We can buy millions of bottles of hand sanitizer and it will change nothing about the pandemic and perhaps not even about our own fate.

But we can listen.

Spend more time with GOD.

And walk by faith, not by sight.

This is the instruction I got.

“Be at peace and go where I send you. Day by day. Walk by faith and not by sight.”

And if you knew me, you would know how hard this is for me. I want to be in control, want to have my stuff together. And over the last months, GOD has been teaching me over and over again to let go, to obey, to follow, to listen – and I am beginning to believe that this is the most crucial skill in the end times, discernment and obedience, so that we will know when the false christs come, we will not recognize their voices, will not go where they say we should go, will not follow where all the others run who are deceived…

Dear friends, what is your take on this crisis?

Do you also believe it is man made?

Have you done some research?

If not, are you going to?

Have you sought THE LORD over this and in this?

What did HE say to YOU???

Will you share it with us?

I hope and pray that this will inspire, heal and bless you. And that THE LORD will bless you abundantly in all areas of your life, that HE will keep you and shine HIS face upon you and bring you peace. In JESUS’ name I pray. AMEN.

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