Thy Kingdom Come!

Dear friends

I have been part of an extremely huge and life changing event last weekend: it was actually called “Thy Kingdom Come UK” and it took place in the Wembley Arena in London.

At least the so called finale of it, where 3 very famous gospel artists and ministers and various guests ministered to more than 10.000 people…

This is so special, because it is so different to other huge events in stadiums like this!

First of all, there was NO entrance fee!
Can you imagine going to a worldly event where a superstar is singing to an audience of more than 10.000 and they wouldn’t charge anything for the tickets?
Yes, we did have to register, but registration and admission was free of charge.

THIS resulted in the atmosphere in the arena being completely different from the one when you attend other events!
If you are sensitive in the spirit, you will have noticed this: when people gather in masses together for whatever purpose, be it music, sports, theater – any entertainment purpose, it will always be an atmosphere of vampirism and idolatry. They are ALL coming to worship idols and there will be predatory spirits literally eating of the “energy” that is being created by so many people gathering for the wrong reasons!

Praise is a sacrifice friends!

And we bring it to whom we worship! Have you ever thought about it?

When we go to see a so-called “star”, when we pay a lot of money to see them, we are actually worshiping them! And since all worship of idols is actually idolatry, we are sinning and worshiping the devil!

NOT so this time!!!

Neither did the devil get any praise, nor was anyone robbed of anything or taken advantage of – the complete opposite happened!

It is even in the bible – GOD says where 2 or 3 gather together in my name, there I am in the midst of them.
HE didn’t take anything away from the people who attended!
On the contrary – HE filled each and every single one of us!
Yes, we worshiped HIM and gave HIM our all – but if you are a believer, you will know that giving yourself to GOD in worship is actually the best way to fill your tank, to fill your soul and your spirit with strength and joy!

And not only the event itself was amazing, also how it came about!

It started with a twitter post, an idea, then, there was a meeting 140 days prior to the event and I had the privilege to be following how this idea put into the heart of the patron of the event, Nathaniel Bassey, came more and more alive.

I find that SO encouraging!
They booked a stadium in faith, having to pay for everything, as they wouldn’t charge the audience one pence – and GOD did it. They stepped out he in faith and HE made it happen!

There were prayer meetings – every day – I must admit I didn’t attend every single one of these 140 days, but some people did and there was always someone to lead. It took place every day!

Then, a few days before the event, there was a volunteer meeting and a physical prayer meeting – all the main people were there, attending in person, not too aloof or too famous to come and personally thank all the volunteers and all the people who had given finances or prayer! After the event, there was food for all the volunteers…

I mean these people are true role models for good and successful Christians.
That’s one aspect of it.

The other is that this is proof that GOD brings things about, into manifestation, things we can NOT believe at first.

And being a witness of this is priceless and very special.

I am encouraged for my own “projects” friends!

And apart from all the prayers that I have received from all these great people of GOD, impartations, initiations even, the change I feel on a personal and spiritual level, I am also encouraged by watching, seeing and witnessing someone else’s dream / vision / idea come true.
I know once more and once again that GOD can do anything and HE will do it if HE has said it and if the idea is from HIM!

Friends, I pray that you will also take this as HIS assurance and encouragement that HE can bring the dream, the vision HE has put into YOUR heart into being, that HE will do it for you as well!

5 thoughts on “Thy Kingdom Come!

  1. Sounds like a great event Eva. God lines those up in our lives and I’m so thankful for the times I have been able to be at some very Godly events. A mountain top experience is good for us now and then.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s so true my dear brother!
      AND needed too. Some encouragement, replenishment, soaking in HIS presence, recharging….
      Have you written about any of your ones?
      I would like to read about it!
      Feel free to post a link here if you like?
      Thanks for reading and commenting and GOD bless you Gary.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. No, I guess I have never written about the events, camps, or the ways that I put in place to keep me fresh and on track…Just my wilderness trips I guess. I rarely get away now. We are in a season where our daughter needs 24/7 care and no one to give us a break right now.


      2. That’s not good Gary, I will pray that GOD will send some help!
        I know best that carers need a break to recharge their batteries!
        I hope HE’ll sort this for you speedily!!!!
        GOD bless you and your family my dear brother!


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