It’s working!

Dear friends

As you know, when you switch on a machine, any machine or electrical device, and it is connected to a power source, it will work and do what it has been created to do – provide light, heat, coffee, or grate, slice, blend – to go with some kitchen related examples.
The machine itself does not have a will so much, it’s creator has determined it’s purpose.


I am not saying we are machines.

However, this analogy has helped me understand the spiritual forces better and I am hoping it will help someone reading this.

I want to compare our bodies with a multi-task machine – or even with all the different kitchen helpers mentioned above (and more):
Depending on the purpose we give, a machine could do anything and there are machines for everything… whatever we intend to do, there has already a machine been invented to do it for us or to help us – think about it!
Me, I can’t even think of an example of something I want to do and there would not be a machine available to aid me or help me do it or even do it for me.
Can you?
However, the point I want to make is this: once we have made the decision on which machine we are going to use and have either programmed it or started using it, the outcome of our “endeavor” or “operation” has been determined and can no longer be changed.

I find this to be true in a spiritual sense as well.
Regarding the machine purpose we have programmed and also regarding the power source we are plugged into.

I will give you an example which contains 2 aspects – and it is very personal as well, I will shorten it and just give you the “gist”, but I think many of you can relate, especially the singles šŸ˜‰

So if you have read some of my previous articles, you will know that there is this man whom I firmly believe GOD has told me will be my husband.

So far, so good.
GOD has even instructed me to contact this man and how to do this.

So far, not so good anymore…
Because although this man has responded warmly and kindly, he has not initiated any further contact and I was not led to chase him – which means that the interaction has been paused or may even have died – at least for now.

Of course, I have been praying, fasting, asking GOD what is happening and asking HIM to intervene and needless to mention that I have been extremely frustrated about it.
All GOD is saying is what HE has been saying before.

And HE keeps giving me visions and dreams about this man and I even often times remember his voice and see him in my mind out of the blue, although I hardly know him.
And this has been going on for months now… no real progress, at least no visible one.

What I did – and I guess many of you would have done the same – was, I decided to let this go.
And to let it go even if it is GOD’s will for my life!
I was even sometimes determined to reject him should he come round – out of defiance, even though I believe he is GOD’s will for me!

I have no other option than to wait or to try my best to move on.

So I made an attempt and signed up with a dating app – to get distracted and to get this “unresponsive” man out of my head and out of my heart… and I have tried online dating many years ago and I am not a fan of it at all – but since I also don’t go out to clubs or to the gym, at work, in church or online is pretty much the only way to meet someone – so here I went praying for someone who would be suitable and a believer of course – easier said than done!
Plus, I became annoyed oh so very quickly with the vibe there and with the way I received all these stupid (sorry, but it it has to be said!) messages…. so I swiped a few times, 98-99% left and once right – boom, match!
And he messaged me right away, so we started chatting – it went quite smoothly and when he asked if I fancy a chat, I suggested to chat on the app, which didn’t work for some reason, but I didn’t feel comfortable with giving my number out, but he had given his, so we left it for that night – and the next day (this is day 1 of me signing up there!), I woke up and I was compelled to delete myself from this thing, which I did.
I still had this one number though… and I decided to give it a go and messaged him.
We messaged back and forth and he invited me to his place, I didn’t go of course, but it was still a pleasant conversation and due to a cancellation of the transport I normally use, I had to take a detour and took a bus which went past the area where he lives while we were chatting, so I told him I was close and he asked if he could see me there, so we met up at the station and went to a pub there.
I was attracted to him!
Very much so.
And vice versa.
However, I had decided to stay true to GOD and to my faith (I was already almost sure that he is probably not a believer) and I “came out” and told him I am a Christian with everything there is to it.
He was shocked and disappointed and tried to convince me that “a little sin” is not too bad, and I, too, tried to convince him that he must give his life to JESUS, not only for my sake, but mainly for his own soul! We did have fun, we spoke about many things and amongst them the spiritual side of sex and I explained what I had learnt, that sex is not just physical and that GOD’s rules are not there to spoil the fun, but so that he can protect us. His mother is a Christian and he understood everything I was saying and I believe, part of him knew it to be true. To cut a long story short, we had a very pleasant conversation and we both thought it is a shame that we are not compatible spiritually, because the attraction was very strong.
And then “the thing” happened…
To be completely honest, I was even tempted and contemplating to “sin a little” – until I started asking him why he is not married and asked him a little about his dreams, if he had ever been harassed in his dreams – I was trying to find out if he has a spirit spouse, or to be more precise, I was sure he does have one and wanted to point it out to him gently – it did not get to this point, because THIS THING in him kicked off, the spirit in him manifested (!!!) – he got offended, very angry and he literally stormed out on me. I tried to calm him down and to apologize, but it was impossible to get through to him.

This is what I mean, friends.

This man is not owning himself!
He is a ticking time-bomb.
A highly educated guy, super hot – and I mean super-duper hot, tall, extremely good-looking, funny, a great communicator, kind, charming, very masculine, an ALPHA-male, even very loaded as far as I could tell – not that material riches are very important to me, but he has this confidence that comes with it, which I am also not immune to – obviously, from a carnal perspective and regarding carnal matters as attractive as they get!!!!
He must have loads and loads and loads of ladies chasing him, yet here he is, unmarried and putting his profile on a dating app and obviously unable to maintain a steady relationship – when you see this, you must know that there HAS to be a spiritual issue!!
And of course, I am no better (this is actually what he got so offended over, that I would ask him these questions and my situation is also far from perfect), however, I have done my analysis and I know my issues and what went wrong and what I need to do to fix it and most of all, WHO’s help I will need to fix it!
And that’s the BIG difference AND the big lie unbelievers fall for.
If I was to own all my problems and if I was to try to fix them all by myself, without GOD’s help, I would be completely devastated, frustrated, desperate and miserable – and I was all of these before GOD saved me – and I, too, wanted to ignore my problems, wanted to run away from them, wanted to distract myself, wanted to try another solution and another “helper” and another remedy and wanted to believe I am in control – and this is why things can NEVER work between a believer and a non-believer.
A non-believer will never have the humility to accept that only GOD can help them.
And you can say whatever you like, they will not hear you – unless THE HOLY SPIRIT guides the process and opens their hearts to receive… this as obviously not been happening on the occasion when I met with this man, and I have been unable to calm him down, so all I can do now is leave him alone and pray for him… and trust that his mother will do the rest with her prayers!
I firmly believe she is praying for a godly wife for him and I also believe that this is the only reason why he managed to find me, or why I literally fished him out of the many terrible profiles on this app during the few hours I was there…
BUT the spirit in him will not let any Christian near him and he will HAVE TO to get rid of “it” if he ever wants to have peace in a relationship.
AND this spirit he has submitted to is also working, just like the SPIRIT OF GOD is!
It’s a vicious cycle and only GOD can break it, but the revelation of this is a miracle in itself – I know exactly what I am talking about, because if someone had told me many years ago what my problem is, before I was ready, I would have attacked them as well – or the spirits in me would have…

The other aspect of this is that I was full of regret and remorse the entire time, even though I was partly excited and flattered as well, but felt almost guilty, because even more than when I was not trying to date anyone (else), I was aware that the one I truly want to date and see and speak to was not this man, but the other one.

So I, too, had my lessons in this – and I find all encounters have lessons for everyone involved, don’t you?

For me, it is clear that there is no turning back.
I have given my life to GOD and HE will do what HE pleases with it.
I may not always understand it.
I may not always like it.
I may especially not be happy with HIS timing.
At the same time, I am yielded to HIM and I will obey, because when I try to do things “my way” it can only end in disaster.

I see it this way: GOD has kept me from making a BIG mistake!
Not only would I probably have fallen, I would also probably not have been able to lead this man to CHRIST and this would have caused so many problems!

PLUS, I would have made a mistake, because although he is sooooo attractive and ticking all my boxes, he is not the one I truly want – and even if I had gotten married to this one, the other one is already living in my heart and that’s not right!

If this is GOD’s will, it will come to pass.
And if it is not, HE will remove this desire from me and will give me something / someone else.
Someone who is DEFINITELY a believer.
Because friends, my main learning from this sequence is this:
Nobody can fight the evil spirits inside them without GOD (I already knew this, but it has become so much more obvious now) AND NO, and I repeat, absolutely no relationship can work without GOD.

Imagine I would now go to this man, apologize again for offending him, be very gentle and manage to calm him down – what would this mean?
It would mean that I would submit to his spirit wife!!!!
And to all the other related spirits in him!
I would never, ever be able to help him get deliverance!
I would always have to avoid these “hot topics” in order not to make him freak out again.
And where would this lead us?
To a fearful connection full of pretense and lies, the truth would not be there, would not be allowed there.

This is what is happening in worldly relationships, friends.
They are married to “personas” not to the real person!
Only with GOD can these things be revealed and healed.
And we all have skeletons in our closets, emotional baggage if you will, that needs to come out and be dealt with!
Only when both agree on who is the only authority to deal with these things can they be overcome.

What this also tells me again is that spirits will manifest if they are challenged – I’ve seen it many times!

AND, last but not least, it also tells me that THE SPIRIT OF GOD is working!
I am protected.
Even from my own self.
And I am grateful for this outcome!

And even on a much deeper level, I am seeing what has been happening with “my man”.
And with his and my own spiritual issues.
Only GOD can remove these hurdles.
Only GOD can help us.
IF HE will.

I have so many revelations from all this, I hope I managed to bring some of them across and I hope I made some sense for someone and perhaps added a missing piece for them to their own experience – since we are all in this together, connected by GOD’s love and HIS light.

And I have learnt a lot about marriage, relationships and becoming a godly wife – as if GOD has been preparing me!

Friends, please let us pray together, all the singles, that the marriage GOD has for us will manifest and come through and all the errors and wrong paths will close for us, in JESUS’ name!

I hope and pray that this will encourage, heal, inspire and bless you.
And that THE LORD will bless you abundantly in all areas of your life, that HE will heal you and shine HIS face upon you and bring you PEACE.
In JESUS’ name I pray.

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