Dear friends

When you’ve talked with or to someone, what made you feel that this was a good conversation – or the opposite?

For many of us, including me, it will have to do with having been listened to – or not.

That’s what makes me feel valued, appreciated, loved even.

When someone takes the time and makes the effort to really listen to me.

And not trying to shove their advice into my face, letting me go on with my ramblings or ventings or even descriptions – no matter how they themselves may feel about what I am saying – many times, I am not even interested in how they are feeling about this topic, many times, I just want to be heard with what I have to say.

May be because I listen to my clients all day… I, too, want to be listened to sometimes.
And not patronized or interrupted or judged, nor listened to with full attention or with an agenda.

And yet, when I speak with GOD, I hardly ever let HIM say anything.

This just dawned on me.

I myself need to listen to GOD more.

Most of the time, I am trying to get HIS attention and asking HIM all kinds of things, day and night, 24/7.

Not just things, also advice and guidance – but do I really listen when HE tells me something?

I often feel that HE is giving me advice or guidance without me asking and when I’ve asked HIM, HE mostly answers my question immediately – but I am now beginning to wonder if I ever listen to the end or if I ever make time only to listen…?

Because what GOD wants to tell me could be completely unrelated to the topic I am speaking to HIM about or asking about.

I love when HE listens to me and when HE answers me.

But what if HE, also craves to be heard and listened to?

What if HE wants to be in a conversation with me, not just me ranting, raving, complaining, lamenting and asking all the time?

I worship and praise HIM, yes, but I must admit that I don’t often think about HIM with care and considering HIS needs or perspective…

This is about love and also about care.

I care for people every day, professionally, I consider their needs, their pains, their thoughts and feelings.

Not that GOD is my client.

HE is my FATHER.

And HE doesn’t need anything from me – I do need HIM for everything and I am nothing without HIM.

I don’t have to see HIM like I would see my clients, and yet, I also think I should even care for HIM more, as HE has cared so much for me – countless times, and longer than I can even remember, but at least since I have been born again am I aware of it and grateful for it, and I think I should be giving back more.

At least I will try.

However – and this is something I know from my work with my clients and from my own experience – the more needy someone is, the less able and willing they are to listen.

Me for instance, after work in the evening, I am often at the end of my listening capacity and I can tell that I am not willing to listen anymore to others – which is probably not a good thing, but it is still true.

And to listen to GOD is different.
It will bless me.
Not like when I listen to people, which will empty me, take from me – although I may choose to do it and get fulfillment out of it, I am still pouring my life, my love and my strength into others when I listen to them and care for them.

Not so with GOD.

Listening to HIM fills me, empowers me, blesses me.

I decided to do an experiment, in fact, I have already started yesterday:

I will not ask GOD for anything for a while and just connect with HIM and listen to HIM and observe HIM in me and in my life for a while – and see where that takes me.

I believe it will take me higher than I could possibly come even if GOD answered ALL my prayers.

Because HE knows so much more than I do.

Who am I to talk to GOD?

Who am I NOT to listen to the ONE who knows it all, who made it all, including me???

What have I been thinking in my little head, living in my little world?

How dare I limit HIM to what I can imagine and fathom?

I will make room now.

For HIS words, thoughts, ideas, guidance, blessings and plans for me.

I will empty myself from my own ideas and ideations.

And watch GOD.

Move out of HIS way.

Stop wasting HIS time.

At least will I do my best not to let me, my little me, my ego, my flesh, my lusts and desires try to take control – and let GOD instead.

Have you tried it, my friend?

What was your experience?

Or would you like to try it?

If you feel like sharing, please leave a comment.

I hope and pray that this will inspire, encourage, heal and bless you.
And that THE LORD will bless you abundantly in all areas of your life, that HE will keep you and shine HIS face upon you, and bring you PEACE. In JESUS’ name I pray.

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