Father love

Dear friends,

when you were little, did you figure out which questions to better ask your mom and when or what for to go to and ask your dad?

I think we all did.

And perhaps you are a parent yourself today (which I am not, so I can only view this from a child-perspective up to now), but have you noticed that you are playing a different role in your child’s life depending if you are a father or a mother?
I am not saying any is better than the other and I am not about to talk about parenting, because that is something I don’t know anything about – at least not from a parent’s perspective…

What I came to see recently when I was talking to GOD and asking HIM about where HE had led me and what HE had put me through and why….

I came to realize that it had been to teach me and to make me better and greater and to protect me and chasten me at the same time.
To prepare me for my role in this life and to separate me from what I am not to pursue and want and engage with.
It is becoming more and more clear.
And the more I yield to what I hear HIM tell me and go to where HE points me and tells me to go, the more blessings can flow into my life, into my entire existence.

It is also tough sometimes.
To push through and stay strong.
But HE is always there.
Loving me.

Of course, this is not to diminish or neglect the importance of the love of our mothers and at the same time, GOD is a FATHER, at least that is what and how I believe – I do not believe those denominations or theologies which believe GOD to be male and female, father and mother, yes, it is true, HE is GOD and beyond gender, but HE HIMSELF also refers to his deity as being a FATHER and that is how I perceive HIM and how I refer to HIM, how I reverence HIM and how I adore HIM and mostly speak to HIM and how I address HIM when I pray:

Me, I am only human and have no concept about someone being beyond gender, so for me, there is no heavenly mother and I do even believe that that’s idolatry, for instance the Mary cult… but that’s another topic.
For me, seeing and treating and interacting with GOD as OUR HEAVENLY FATHER is biblical and the only correct theology and the way I believe and feel connected to GOD.

With that said, I do believe that a mother has a crucial role in the upbringing and nurturing her children here on earth and at the same time, the spiritual upbringing is the role of OUR FATHER in heaven and some aspects of it have to be represented by our earthly fathers – and I have to admit that I have to in retrospect give my earthly father more credit for trying his best to do that – and at the time, I didn’t appreciate it, but now I do more…
I am sure this will ring true with other daughters as they get older…

If I had to compare the love of a father with the love of a mother, I would say these things and I noticed these differences and for me, this is what stands out:

  • A mother’s love affirms and assures and gives space and acceptance for who we are now, whereas a father’s love nudges and prompts to growth and to improvement into who we could be or are supposed to be.
  • There is more sternness and the love of a father seems to be coming from some more distance, at the same time, his watching loving observance is always more detectable than the attention of a mother, which can be elsewhere sometimes…
  • A mother will feed more in the forefront whereas the food will have come from the father who has been providing for it (or to some more degree than the mother -in my own family, I have perceived that my mother has more worked for her fulfillment and to give to society and to others, whereas my dad more worked to build his family and to make sure that we are all financially safe and taken care of way beyond his own lifetime)
  • A father’s love can seem more cold because he will take the role of saying “no” to us when we need to hear it, of denying us things we are not supposed to have and of protecting us from things we are not supposed to do or from places where we are not supposed to go
  • A mother’s love is more emotional – seems more affectionate and expressive and at the same time more volatile and prone to have ups and downs, whereas a father loves constantly and doesn’t ever change
  • A father doesn’t seem to demand a lot of love in return even though he is happy to receive it, but he is not asking for it like a mother
  • A father’s love is stable, permanent, present although not always expressed all the time, it is more like a love beyond the situation and the person we are currently, it is more like a love of our entire life, throughout all of our different phases
  • A father’s love is harder to understand and harder to feel or be aware of and sometimes, it doesn’t feel like love, only like restriction or even punishment or chastening
  • but if you could see HIM… behind the “no” he had to tell you, his heart is going out to you – with so much tenderness!
  • and how HE is following you… watching you in your pain… holding your back so that you won’t cry too much, strengthening you so that you will grow – and understand…
  • talking to you, talking sense into your mind and giving you reasons, visions of what could have happened… or what will happen when you obey…

These last ones are about OUR HEAVENLY FATHER of course.

It’s just that I am able to feel HIS love more and more… and rest in HIS arms… being calm more often than kicking and screaming… and I wanted to share it with you, wanted to share my understandings and my sentiments.

My life hasn’t been easy and it has not become a lot easier since I got saved – better in many ways and holier, yes, but there is still a lot of chaos and a lot of work to do – thank GOD I don’t have to do it alone, thank GOD for HE is a good FATHER!

Thank GOD for HIS love.

HIS love reaches me more and more – and I get it more and more.

In so many ways, I get it.

Don’t know if any of this makes sense, but perhaps it will help someone to understand OUR FATHER’s love better, or even to find it for themselves or find it more…

Perhaps you, my friend, only felt chastened and not loved – or even ignored?

Be assured that THE FATHER loves you more than you can imagine.

If you don’t know JESUS as your personal SAVIOR, you, too can have this love and you can have it today.

Please don’t wait any longer and give your life to JESUS here and now.

You can say this prayer:

“Dear Heavenly Father, I acknowledge and confess that I have not lived my life for YOU to this day, but have been living for myself and in sin and that is wrong. Please forgive me of all of my sins just as I forgive others. I need YOU in my life; I want YOU in my life.
I recognize the completed work of YOUR only begotten Son JESUS CHRIST in giving HIS life for me on the cross, I believe in my heart JESUS is LORD and that HE was raised from the dead and ask for YOUR forgiveness, which YOU have made freely available to me through this sacrifice.
Come into my life now, LORD!
Take up residence in my heart and be my KING, my LORD, and my SAVIOUR!
From this day forward, I will no longer be controlled by sin, or the desire to please myself, but I will follow YOU all the days of my life. Those days are in YOUR hands.
I ask this Jesus name.

If you have just prayed this prayer, you are now part of GOD’s kingdom and family and I heartily welcome you, my dear brother or sister!

The next thing to do is get a bible and find a church (online or offline) where you can receive further instructions, so that your new life in THE LORD may prosper and that you will become who HE made you to be.

GOD bless you and if you have any questions or need any assistance, please get in touch.

I hope and pray that this will inspire, bless and heal you. And that THE LORD will bless you abundantly in all areas of your life, that HE will keep you and shine HIS face upon you and bring you peace. In JESUS’ name I pray. AMEN.



6 thoughts on “Father love

    1. If you say so, my dear brother 😉

      GOD bless you!


  1. Great thoughts and insights on the Father’s love. Many of us had great father figures while others had abusive fathers. The greatest Father who is perfect in every way, is our heavenly father. His love is unconditional and never fails, even when he disciplines, it is for our good.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Amen, my sister.
      That’s very true!
      Thank you so much for dropping by and leaving your valuable thoughts, I shall return the visit soon 🙂
      GOD bless you!


  2. nice post. will be planning to check back often for more wisdom from you. keep sharing.


    1. Thank you my sister,
      I shall return the visit 🙂
      GOD bless you!

      Liked by 1 person

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