Are you a worshipper?

Dear friends,

when times get rough, that’s when true friends (and false ones) are revealed, aren’t they?

And what about true love?

Don’t many relationships and marriages break because they aren’t able to survive the “for worse” and the “in sickness” phases?

What about our relationship with OUR FATHER?

What about our love for HIM?

What I recently thought was this:

if we knew the character of our future spouse, if we knew that they would betray us, lie to us, leave us for someone else, we wouldn’t marry them in the first place, now, would we?


HE wants us, desires us, wants us to be HIS bride.

With all our shortcomings, with all our weaknesses and even though HE already knows where, when, why and how often we are going to fall, are going to deny HIM, fail HIM and even leave and forsake HIM.

Now that’s LOVE, isn’t it?

And we, what do we do?

What do we give in return?

When it comes to love and appreciation…?

Do we give HIM the praise HE truly deserves?

I mean it’s easy to praise GOD when HE has done something for us. The bigger the blessing, the easier it is to give thanks and praise.

But what if we feel HE hasn’t blessed us, has perhaps even not heard us, maybe even for a long time    – or what if HE allows evil or misfortune to hit us hard???

Will we still love HIM, still give HIM praise and honor HIM?

Not all of us will do that all the time and I am included in this group who failed HIM in this area before…

But I found something amazing.

Praise and worship can actually be not only a situative thing, but a posture.

Lately, during the past months, my desire to praise and worship HIM increased more and more… and I found it to be a highly satisfying experience –  just praising HIM, singing to HIM, dancing.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t instantly get the results I asked for from HIM out of these private, very intimate praising sessions at home.

To be honest, at home wasn’t the only place where I increased my worship – time. I attended worship events, even a worship camp over an entire weekend –  and I can honestly say it changed my life!

Not so much the results, at least not the visible, tangible results.

But a deep satisfaction. PEACE. Intimacy with MY FATHER. Hearing more and more clearly from THE HOLY SPIRIT.
And yes, also some results.
Answers to prayers I had been praying for many years.

And the best thing: feeling that HE is pleased with me, feeling HIS love more strongly.

Worth more than all the results in the world!

And I also believe it is true that worship is actually spiritual warfare –  when we praise GOD in spite of what the enemy does to us, we rebuke him, we demonstrate that we are blessed children of THE MOST HIGH who can never, ever be defeated by the evil one, because OUR GOD has already won and deserves all the praise and all the glory for his greatness and goodness and that’s another reason to give HIM praise, isn’t it?

Worship also entails in my understanding that we realize that whatever good happens in our lives, it can only come from one place: the FATHER’s heart!

We are loved and blessed –  even though we sometimes don’t see it… but even more so do we need to remember when everybody can see that we have been given a good thing.


I hope and pray that this will inspire, heal and bless you. I pray that THE LORD will bless you richly in all areas of your life, that HE will keep you and shine HIS face upon you and bring you peace. In JESUS’ name I pray. AMEN.

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