Dear friends,

today I would like to share some of my thoughts with you regarding GOD’s creation.

Not so much regarding the beauty of HIS creation, this is of course a topic for a post or even for many posts, but today, I would like to focus more on the sequence of it or if you want to put it differently, I want to take a look at what GOD created first and then and so on…

Why am I writing about that?
Am I stating the obvious, repeating the one sentence everybody is familiar with and almost every person on earth – even if they are not believers – knows by heart?

Because I learned something about it.

Something important.

Something I hadn’t understood fully previously.

And perhaps, it will be a new thought or a clarification for some of you as well?

And it is not going to be a long post, but I hope I can share the depth of what I came to see with you.

It says in the book of Genesis, chapter 1

Genesis 1:1
In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.


This is just part of the story of creation, but it is a crucial part, the very beginning of it.

And for me, I am more and more understanding, truly grasping what this really means.

It means that GOD created everything and everyone.

On earth and in the heaven – some versions even speak about the heaven”s”, plural, and there are teachers who claim that there must be more than one heaven and that in the first heaven is the place where satan has his domain…and that GOD lives in the 3rd heaven – but this is not what I meant to talk about today.

What I learned from this and what I wanted to point out is that GOD created everything and everyone and every being in any realm on earth or elsewhere.

GOD was alone “in the beginning”.

There was nobody else or nothing else there!

And to be more precise, the devil and the angels and everything and everyone in the spirit realm, they weren’t there as well.

Were not there until HE created them.

Yes, GOD created the devil!
As you all know, the devil was one of the most beautiful angels before pride made him fall and 1/3 of the angels, of GOD’s angels, fell with him.

And I like this as a reminder.

It comforts me.

Lets me be at peace and gives me hope.

Because I know that GOD is above of and greater than all my afflictions and who or whatever causes them.

I know that you, too, have been afflicted at some point in your life, my friend, perhaps even currently – in similar or in the same ways I have been, or differently…

But the same truth is there and valid for YOU as well!

No matter what you are going through, no matter who or what is hurting, tormenting or troubling you, GOD is greater, GOD is above it, GOD is beyond it, GOD even created it and that means that GOD can never, ever lose against it –  it is simply not possible!

Just as it is impossible that the clay can defeat the potter, nothing and no one afflicting you can defeat OUR FATHER, OUR CREATOR.

And that is another aspect of THE GOOD NEWS.

Not only are our sins forgiven through what GOD did when HE came to earth, but also by being HIS child, a daughter or a son of THE MOST HIGH, no evil can ever defeat us.

WE are on the winning team!

The outcome will always be that WE WIN!

And I am rejoicing and glad about this finding and this revelation and understanding.

Aren’t you, my friend?


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