What we can learn from the enemy

Dear friends,

We all know that we are supposed to pray for our enemies and we all know how hard this is… perhaps if we would manage to change our attitude a little more towards appreciation, it could become a little easier and in the end, we may even be full of gratitude and joy because of them?
Can we learn to appreciate not so much what they have done, but where it took us?
And can we even learn from them?

Let’s give it a shot, shall we…

First of all, let me express my deep gratitude to all the satanists who have been attacking me for almost 7 years now, especially to the one who has been trying to kill me again and again.
Without them, I would not have found my savior and LORD JESUS CHRIST and without that, I would most certainly be dead by now.

Secondly, what I have observed in the camp of the enemy – unwantingly, but when you are attacked by someone for so long, you can’t help watching them – is that there is a determination and endurance which I hardly see on our side.
And that’s the first thing I think we can all learn from agents of the kingdom of darkness:


Look at it for a moment – are you with me when I say that we are ALL guilty of giving up too soon?
Example: evangelizing.
Have you ever been to the streets to spread the gospel or spoken to a specific person about JESUS?
And what have they said to you?
Did they reject you, ridicule you, even cuss at you?
And did you keep trying?
Or give up…?

On the other hand, have you ever spoken to an agent of the enemy?
A New Ager, a yogi, a witch, a shaman, a medium, even someone who is into a false religion?
They have not given up to tell you about what they believe, now, have they?

I have seen it many times, the enemy has the more persistent, penetrating, enduring agents – we are much too polite and give up way too soon (including me!).

#2 sacrificing time, our ideals, comfort

Dear friends, if you were a member of a coven (which is a circle of witches, just like we have congregations, they have covens), you would soon learn that there is no such thing as “not today” or “I am busy” – not in their world!
We may be allowed to come to church whenever we like and participate in the programs and activities on and off – we even don’t have to be a member of a church at all (at least that’s my personal belief according to my knowledge of scripture, it does say “do not forsake the assembly of the saints” but there is no reference that only the church in form of a congregation in a church building is “the church” and I understand that we are all the church if we belong to one or not, but I may be wrong – for me personally, it is a longing and a desire to have a church family and if I don’t have a church I like and belong to, I will be looking for one, but I don’t believe we must be a church member) – not so the satanists!
There is no such thing as not attending, as still doing your own thing, as not partaking in black magic rituals, as not obeying their leaders. As not fasting when they all fast. They are not even allowed to sleep at night – they do not own their lives any longer, but their coven owns them.
They have truly given their lives to their “god” who is the devil.
And their devotion is not even an option any longer once they have decided to join.
After they have devoted themselves to him, they will be in BIG trouble if they disobey or don’t give their all!
And I don’t mean a little anger or discussions, I mean serious repercussions, some of them even lethal.
I mean, think about it, these people practice black magic and kill other people, so what do you think they will do with traitors or hypocrites who are not fully in?
It is not like in our churches where you can be there without even being there – if you know what I mean?
There is no such thing as being a little bit of a satanist or a weekend witch.
Not happening.
Whereas we… some of us go to church and are not even saved… or don’t even know what being saved and born again is…

#3 standing together in unity

And when we have a congregation, there is so much about it and so many people in it we don’t like -. have you seen it?
Are you guilty of it?
Me, I have and I am…

And what happens then?
The cause suffers, because it is not about GOD.
It is about people and things and stuff and gossip and food or rituals or whatnot.

In a circle of people working for the dark side, there is one leader and what he says (no women are ever leaders of covens!!) goes.

We could use a little more obedience to our leaders sometimes, a little more discipline and unity – it WOULD make us more effective and I personally believe that this is one of the main reasons why Christianity is not as successful as it could be – division, some of it cause by the enemy and his agents, who infiltrate our churches and sow strife and conflict there…

#4 knowing and observing spiritual principles and laws

They do their homework and they know their books – plus, they know the bible!
The devil knows the bible better than many of us do and he uses it to accuse us and to gain legal rights to torment us, because OUR FATHER is a respecter of covenants, not of persons, and HE will always respect our free will and if we choose to sell our soul to the devil, GOD will respect this contract.
OUR LORD JESUS, when HE was tempted by satan in the wilderness, HE used scripture to defeat the devil and we must know the scriptures and principles of spiritual warfare if we, too, want to be victorious – because the enemy does!

#5 trying new means when something didn’t work

Ever had the feeling that many things went wrong at once or that one temptation after the other came your way?
That is no coincidence, but a strategy of the enemy and I must say, I even consider it his most common strategy – to try to weaken us with persistent blows and one will be one too many and we will fall – and if he even gets us to get angry at OUR FATHER, even better, because then we are right in the middle of backsliding…. and anger is a good “remedy” against repentance, which would get us back in line… but the devil will make sure it gets way too much… and not all of us see through his schemes at all times and he is inventive and comes up with new traps all the time.

#6 excellent observation and studying of their targets

He is / they are observing what works on us and they are adjusting / improving their methods of attack accordingly.
Like amazon learns what you like and makes better and better suggestions to tempt you to buy more the more you do buy – if that makes any sense… it’ s the same principle. Until they get us… and they are not stupid and they know our desires and weaknesses. In fact, just like we all have angels who are assigned to watch over us, the devil assigns demons to watch every single one of us, especially to report what makes us fall and sin…

#7 responding to the needs and dreams of people

And the devil knows not only our personal desires, but human longings in general… and he has snares and traps for all of them… we are all looking for the same things, nobody is special when it comes to human longings… and satan has seen it all and knows how to lure…
And we, on the other hand, what do we do?
We try and teach people.
Nobody likes to hear that they are living their life wrong.
That’s not going to attract them.
And sometimes, we are even arrogant or not welcoming and patronising to those who do come to our empty churches… and not many churches do what they are supposed to do and offer practical help.

#8 the bait – attracting versus alienating

When you go to any New Age event, you will always be promised some things you are looking for, most likely even all of them, answers, freedom, love, wealth, healing, a happy relationship – whatever it is, the devil / aka New Age, yoga, tantra, meditation, tarot cards, palm readings, name them whatever you want, they have what you need!
Of course not, but they promise you whatever you want to hear.

We do the exact opposite in my take.
Not only do we a very poor job in “selling” / explaining and telling people what we really do have, what THEY, too, can have from OUR GOD: salvation, eternal life, unconditional love, healing, peace….
But also do we even alienate them with our “rules” and doctrines  – at least do I believe that’s how they see us.

#9 fellowship

Again, when you go into these circles, they will make you feel very welcome and care for you as if you were family – do we do the same?
Do we really make sure someone who is coming to our church really likes it and wants to stay?
Do we really make them feel included and part of our church family?
I am not sure we are as good at this.

#10 marketing

Social media, inviting friends, telling people about CHRIST – telling people that we are Christians, that we go to church, what happens there, what we did on the weekend…
Do we do these things as much as people who are into the world or even into the occult? Do we let social acceptance and political correctness keep us from talking about the kingdom of GOD and what we are doing there?
Me, I think so and I believe that we are too shameful or respectful or hesitant about sharing what it is like to serve GOD – they aren’t! They will tell you all about it and even so much more than you would like to know – about their horoscope and the moon and when mercury is in retrograde and about the interpretation of their dream when they saw an owl… and so much more if you let them…
Shouldn’t we, too, be a bit more expressive and beat the drum for OUR LORD a bit more?

#11 merchandising

Dear friends, do you have a T-shirt in your wardrobe?
Most people do, don’t they.
Many of us even have many and we wear them on many occasions.
Most T-shirts have something on them, a picture, a text – a T-shirt is a walking advertisement!
Not only do the agents of the dark side show us openly on their T-shirts what they are into or like or what they think is beautiful – that’s only one side of the coin… and the other is that most of us not only support the enemy with what we wear on our T-shirts, but we don’t do the marketing we could do for OUR LORD JESUS with what we wear.
Me, I had to look a while online to find T-shirts with scripture, which I liked and didn’t find ridiculing and thus blaspheming – and I am doing my best not to ever wear anything else on a T-shirt than a Christian message – or none, but I am very careful NOT to advertise any of the symbols or idols of the kingdom of darkness, neither by wearing T-shirts, nor by displaying other products… it is almost impossible, but I do my best.
And I think they are much better than we are in this area, because the devil is literally all over the place, whereas CHRIST isn’t and HE should be as well.

#12 music

Another thing is:
Why is it so hard to find really good Christian music – and much of the contemporary Christian music is not Christian at all in my opinion – but even if we said that all “Christian” music is better than the music of the devil  – why are OUR STARS not big and promoted and filling stadiums?
Are we not aware that music is such a powerful multiplicator of beliefs and an even more powerful indoctrinator?
The devil knows this!
And he infiltrates and pollutes our youth with his music and he also has his claws everywhere in the entertainment industry, in the media – he even pretty much rules these sectors and thus pretty much the world.

Will we keep letting him?

#13 war

I am not talking about physical war, which is also sometimes on the agenda in the camp of the enemy.
I am talking about the war in the spirit realm.
When a coven targets someone, they are on it and will not stop and will fast and throw their evil arrows over and over again over years and will never, ever give up.
What will happen on our side?
Will we stand together and pray as long as it takes until our brother or sister are delivered out of the hands of the devil and his demons and until they have the victory over the attacks of the enemy?
This is not my experience and I know that it is even hard if not almost impossible to find a church where someone with a spiritual problem can find help and will not be shunned.
What a disaster.
How are we supposed to win the war if we don’t even fight?

Me, I have learned to fight because of the enemy and I am glad about it. I have learned many things that I would have never learned without satanists attacking me with black magic day and night for many years, I would not even be saved without them.

But without GOD, I would have never survived these attacks and would have never claimed even the smallest victory!

Thank GOD do we have GOD and are on HIS side, on the winning team – because if it were for us, we would fail and be defeated by the enemy every single time!
And yet, I am quite certain that OUR FATHER wouldn’t mind if we helped HIM a little more sometimes… what do you think, friend?

I hope this inspires and blesses you and that THE LORD will bless you abundantly in all areas of your life, that HE will keep you and shine HIS face upon you and give you peace. In JESUS’ name I pray. AMEN.


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