Come against it

Dear friends

I’ve spoken about dreams before.
Dreams are not what the world wants us to believe they are.
Dreams are not just our minds processing what we’ve seen, heard or felt that day.
Dreams are not just something we make up, because we may be desiring “it”.
Dreams can be from GOD – there are many accounts in the bible where GOD spoke to people in their dreams, gave the revelations and prophecies via dreams…

Another purpose or meaning of dreams is that by sending us dreams or / in our dreams is one very common way how the enemy likes to attack us.

And when that happens, we need to know how to come against it.

Dreams can be real.

Not only in a positive and prophetic sense.

Also in a witchcraft / spiritual warfare sense.

I will give you an example – perhaps you’ve read my article where someone shot me in my dream.
That was a REAL attack against my life!
Not the first one, but as you can see, I am still here.
The reason why I am still here is because GOD showed me how to fight and overcome these evil forces.
However, there are many people no longer alive after they have dreamt that they died and shortly afterwards, it happened!

What I am trying to say is when it comes to dreams, we all need to wake up or be extremely awake, because if we are unaware of our dreams, we may miss to fight against attacks which have happened against us whilst we were asleep! OR we may miss what GOD is trying to say to us – both not good!!!

How can I be aware what’s happening in my dreams you may ask?

I would say that the main thing is being intentional about it and asking GOD to help you and to wake you up right after a significant dream – positive or negative – and then help you remember it!
I advise you to keep a dream journal and write your dreams down.
Not only will you often times have dreams and not know what they mean – at least not immediately – and then you can pray about them, revisit them at a later time, ask someone else, perhaps you have some people in your church who are known for being good at interpreting dreams – or wait until GOD reveals their meaning to you…
And I also recommend you keep that dream journal right next to your bed when you are asleep, because sometimes we can be too tired to get out of bed in the middle of the night in order to go get the book where we would write these things down.
And if we don’t write them down, even if we don’t write them down immediately, if we wait until the next morning, most of them will be gone.

Ok, so you may be writing them down and then what?

My advice is simple and biblical:
Treat them like real attacks or real prophecies!

You will find many examples for both in the bible.
Examples for when prophecies came via dreams.
Even many examples where people didn’t even know if they were awake or in the spirit – where “reality” even blurs with the spiritual realm or where they fall in a trance or into a dream…

GOD (and the enemy) can speak to us in any state we are in and that’s why we have to take every state we are in seriously – there is no such thing as “this doesn’t count”!!!
This is only what the enemy wants everyone to believe and the reason for this is that it is easier for him to attack us when we are asleep – simply because we are not paying attention to any potential attacks, our guards are down, we are sleeping and not watching what happens!

So when you have that, you will take everything happening in your dream world more seriously.
And you will not only become more aware of your dreams the more you practice, but also more able to act and react in them.
In the New Age Movement / aka in the occult, there is a discipline they teach, which is called “lucid dreaming”. It is about exactly what I’ve been talking about, to influence your own dreams willingly.
And the New Agers / aka satanists are using these techniques mainly for “manifesting”.
“Manifesting” – which should always be a BIG ALARM BUZZWORD to you, is what they are using to materialize their visions, dreams and desires.
What they are basically doing is they are praying and asking satan to fulfill their requests – but they will obviously never call it that, because if they called it by name, they would never be able to attract anyone to their demonic practices – so instead, they are inventing all kinds of woo-woo around it, put some glitter and colour on it and attach a spicy price tag to it, so that people will think it is valuable and precious and so that many will buy it…. every single time, the enemy always works like this!
Since the enemy cannot create, only copy, he takes a little bit of GOD’s creation and distorts and defiles it in order to steal souls from THE CREATOR and prevent people from going to heaven.
But whatever you believe and whatever they will tell you, sin is still sin and praying to anyone else but THE ONE AND ONLY TRUE LIVING GOD will only land you in hell, no matter which label they put on it!

So be careful my friend.

And also, don’t believe the myths out there – know your bible!
It is clear from many examples in the bible that dreams are REAL.
Take Joseph for instance.
When the butler and the baker told him their dreams and he interpreted them, they were prophecies – a good one and a bad one – and they both came to pass!
The butler was restored and the baker was hanged!
Or the famine… it did come!

I think dreams are highly underrated.

Because we are not meant to take them seriously.

Just like we are not supposed to know that the devil and witches and demons are REAL – just like GOD is!

Just like we are supposed to go and see our therapist and not our pastor when something spiritual is going on!

Just like we are supposed to take medication instead of seeking GOD’s healing when we are ill.

Friends, the more you want to see, the more THE HOLY SPIRIT will show to you!

And the more you want to understand how to deal with dreams, the more you will learn.

I will give you a few more examples out of my own dream world.
Obviously, I cannot share my most personal dreams here, but some of them or parts of them will help you understand more – all of them are quite recent and you will find that the more you are intentional about remembering them and taking them seriously, the more dreams you will have and the more significant they will become!

  • I dreamt that I was preparing for the Sunday Service at the prison where I work as a chaplaincy support volunteer with the Pastor there… we were sitting in her office and we had a bunch of new contact lenses and we were taking them out of their individual packaging and were putting 2 in one of those contact lens boxes which have one compartment for the left lens and one for the right lens, and we were writing the names of the men on the boxes and we were wondering if we had enough…..

    The interpretation for this dream is very easy: as this is what every church service and especially in prison is for, goving people new perspectives, “new eyes” to see and find GOD
  • Another one before I had this job, even before the interview!!!
    I was at a room (I thought it was in my church) and our first lady / Senior Pastor asked me: “Who are you?”
    And I said “I am a Drug and Alcohol Worker in prison. And I am a prophet, Nathan to be precise!”
    Again, the first part was easy to interpret:
    GOD was telling me that I would get the job. And I did!
    Just on a sidenote, this hadn’t been the first Drug Worker job I had applied for -and the other ones, I didn’t get!
    The second part is a bit more tricky to understand – at least at the time for me.
    I had to look up Nathan the prophet, as I had not remembered him… and he was the one who had rebuked King David for sleeping with Bathsheba and killing her husband and he was the one who prophesied the death of their first child before they had Solomon.
    This took me a while to understand… I had been there for a while before I had discovered things the “big boss” is doing which are truly wrong – and I told him and “rebuked him” for it. This is exactly why I came under attack and into this extremely difficult situation I am in at the moment – and I know that the service will suffer loss from this wrongdoing, perhaps they will even loose the contract in this prison next year…
    But this role is also not new to me, as I am often compelled to name injustices or wrongdoings where nobody dares to speak up, and I am often in trouble for that…
  • Do you want another one?
    I dreamt that I was living somewhere in a nice house on a hill… the door to my garden was open and there was no fence around my garden… one day, I was sitting in my living room and a strange man, someone I hadn’t seen before, was walking through my house!
    I had no idea where he had come from, but he walked through there as if he belonged there and as if he was entitled to walk through there as much and whenever he likes.
    And he held his head high, very high!
    He didn’t greet me or say anything, but I was very uncomfortable.
    However, this went quite fast and whilst I was still wondering who this may be and what he may have wanted here and how I should react, he was already outside and walking down the hill…
    I noticed that something was wrong and it took me a while to find out what it is and when I did, I noticed that my wallet was missing, so I started pursuing after the man, who now started running and I chased him, stopped him and he had my wallet, but then he began really running with my wallet.
    When I woke up, I hadn’t been able to catch him and he still had my wallet!
    I was angry.
    And of course, I do have my wallet here.
    However, this is not “just a dream” – it is an attack from the dark side on my finances and I cannot ignore it!
    The “high head” and asking no permission to enter my home and acting as if entitled to be there means it was supposed to come from some sort of authority side – perhaps taxes or fees or something, but it will not be legitimate and I have to fight it – if I should not be able to cancel it via prayer…

Dear friends, this is serious stuff!

Please don’t ignore your dreams, especially the nightmares – they need to be dealt with and fought against!
But also the positive ones, you will want to accept them, receive them and believe them in order for them to come to pass!
Because when you have a positive prophecy, there will be contention against it to try and make you loose it….

Enough for today, my friends, I’m out 🙂

What are your experiences with dreams?
Do you have any you’d like us to have a try at interpreting???
Have you had any that came to pass?
Please feel free to share in the comments…

I hope and pray that this will inspire, heal, encourage and bless you.
And that THE LORD will bless you abundantly in all areas of your life.
That HE will keep you and shine HIS face upon you, and bring you PEACE.
In JESUS’ name I pray.

11 thoughts on “Come against it

  1. Wow this is quite a read being a dreamer myself I enjoyed reading it. My personal experience with dreams has been amazing One that comes to mind is in August 2020 I had a dream that the president caught the virus and some few months later I was shocked to see it on the news it did happen. One of my longest dreams was when i was accompanying a friend to an ordination at parliament bu the ordination never wen ahead because my friend was challenging the doctrines of the pastor who was leading prayer. After that she confronted the church leader only to find out it was actually Denzel Washington! i still have lots more but can’s share them all here

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Interesting….thanks for reading and commenting and sharing your dreams here – I believe you have the gift of prophetic dreams.
      GOD bless you my brother!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Absolutely I believe I am

        Liked by 1 person

  2. You have written such a good article! may Gods grace and love be with you Always Eva.
    For God speaketh once, yea twice, yet man perceiveth it not. In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falleth upon men, in slumberings upon the bed; Then he openeth the ears of men, and sealeth their instruction, That he may withdraw man from his purpose, and hide pride from man. (Job 33:14-17).

    Liked by 2 people

    1. AMENNN!
      Thank you so much Julia!
      To GOD be all the glory – I am only sharing what HE teaches me… so that others can benefit from it and break free.
      That scripture is beautiful, I didn’t have it on my radar before, thank you so much for pointing me towards it!!!
      GOD bless you my dear sister!

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  3. Good stuff Eva. I seldom remember dreams but occasionally one really sticks with me and leaves me wondering… I have done spiritual warfare in dreams, sometimes for myself, and sometimes for others. This always leaves me feeling like I have been in the presence of pure evil, but when I awake I now know what the enemy is up too, so I can continue the fight. The first time this happened was the night I prayed for the gift of spiritual discernment. I got it! I didn’t expect it to be manifest in dreams, but that is one way it is.
    In our dream state we can see the spiritual and, like you said, we are still in control and must stand strong. I also believe we need to cover our kids, or any child, whom we know is having nightmares. Often it is a sign of the enemy attacking them or undue stress from life situations beyond their ability to cope. God’s peace is available to them and all, whether awake or asleep.
    Long ago, I achieved a major victory over my dreams when I got baptized in water. I stopped being plagued by dreams of falling back into drugs and drink and instead, on the night of my baptism, had a vision of Jesus telling me that was free. In that dream I was able to run and leap, unlike all my dreams to that point where it always felt as though I was running through molasses from whatever evil was chasing me. Anyway,
    I hope, in my blog, to get into the vision part of the gift of the prophetic, a gift that goes hand in hand with dreams.

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    1. Oh wow, that so amazing, you had a proper deliverance dream and JESUS HIMSELF came to you to let you know you are free!
      What an awesome VIP dream visitation!!!
      Very true, that’s another kind of dreams – deliverance dreams, or healing dreams – and that’s also another proof of dreams not being “just dreams” or like a fantasy or a day dream, which is just more or less wishful thinking, no, they are real, I would say they are reality happening in another realm – at least many of them!
      I believe some dreams are just nonsense about what we have seen or heard or imagined, but many of them have great significance and your example is a good one for this!
      I don’t think JESUS ever came to me in my dreams, I must begin asking HIM to come, I would love to meet HIM there!
      In fact, I’d love to meet JESUS “in person” – in a dream, in a vision, or in the flesh – in THIS life.
      I can hear his voice, but a true encounter, that would be something else!
      Looking forward to your other articles about the prophetic, especially the one where you will explain the relation to dreams!
      Thanks for sharing and commenting my dear brother, GOD bless you!

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      1. Once again you’ve inspired my next blog. Stay tuned!

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  4. My dreams mostly are reliving things that have already happened. Once in awhile they have not and they seem too real and I inquire of God about it and leave it in his hands should I need to take notice. It’s my way of having God sort out what I should take heed of or discard as it’s possibly satans time waster or distraction for us

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    1. I agree, they c a n be distractions of the enemy, too!
      I believe GOD has done that sorting process for me already, for the ones I recall are hardly ever “gibberish” from the previous day…
      Thanks for adding this aspect, good point!
      I think it’s very important indeed that we only analyze and interpret the significant ones!
      They can also be carnal and come from our own flesh, too…
      As usual, glad you’re looking over my stuff, big brother 🙂
      GOD bless you!

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