What is our legacy?

Dear friends

My church has celebrated its anniversary very recently and so have churches I attended before.

And I myself have been saved and become born again almost 6 years ago and I celebrate this day every year as my “true birthday”!

So GOD has given me a new life, just as he has done for many other people, and he has launched my church, just as he has so many other churches.

My pastor was speaking about what we are doing with what HE has given us – how are we using GOD’s gift?
And this is not only about how we are using it for ourselves, but what is the impact we are leaving, how are we going to pass on what we have been given?

What is the legacy we are leaving?

What are we passing on to our children?

I think we all need to ask ourselves this question at some point, and I believe we will all have to give an account of this to GOD one day.

And I am not necessarily speaking about physical / biological children – to disclose something very private about me:
I don’t have any biological children.
I am even sad about it, and I believe it is part of the enemy’s evil plot against my life (I will not explain further today, but at some other time)…

At the same time, I believe I should pass something on.

And just as I am not talking about biological children, I am not talking about material inheritances.

So will someone benefit from me, from my existence in some way?

Who is this someone?

And how will their lives be better because of the life I have been given by MY HEAVENLY FATHER?

I think this is a question we should all be asking ourselves and I want to look into this more with you today:

Since I became born again, I dedicated my life to GOD and asked HIM to use me.

Part of what I am giving back for this gift of LIFE is what you are witnessing right here in this very moment.

GOD has brought me out of a very deep and dirty darkness – perhaps darker and heavier than many of you have experienced it.

I have written about it before, and I am here to write about it some more, here to speak about the ugly and filthy and horrific things “the dark side” has done to me – not because I want to and not because it is pleasant or nice to do so.

In fact, not at all, the thing I would love to do more than anything is to forget about all of it, to move on, to be clean and free and to never even think about all the hell I have been through, but GOD won’t let me do that.

HE has not delivered me quickly.

HE has not even delivered me completely until this day, 6 years after I have met HIM and after I have been asking HIM to deliver me every day and every night.

And the reason for that is so that I would tell you about it. About the past, about how I discovered GOD, the truth and about how HE freed me.


Yes, you.

You, who may be going through something similar or even worse… something to do with demons, with satanism, with curses, witchcraft, black magic, kundalini, witchcraft.

Something wicked and painful as can be.

Something you can speak to no one about.

Something the enemy, aka one of his agents are doing and have been doing to you – most likely for a looooooooooong time, longer than anyone would understand.

(In my case, I have not been sleeping or not sleeping through for one single night for more than 9 years – can you even imagine what that is like??)

And you may be looking for information about topics related to it.

Topics that are absolutely taboo to talk about almost everywhere and with everyone.

In “normal conversations” for sure, but also in many churches, in therapy sessions, with your doctor – you simply cannot talk about it – at least not if you don’t want to end up in a mental ward (which is exactly where the devil wants you to be!!!)

You may not have anyone to talk about this with.

You may live a lonely or a “double life” because of this.

Like I do to some degree… that’s partly why I keep my identity partly hidden and why I am extremely careful who I open up to about this offline – because I am very vulnerable because of the things I am addressing here.

Not only because many people might consider me crazy and perhaps I would even lose my job – I would also be vulnerable to criminal charges coming from the satanist who has cursed and harassed me spiritually, sexually – for SO many years – and I have made the mistake in the beginning to respond and communicate verbally, via email, and it is only by the grace of GOD that I am neither in prison, nor in a nuthouse today, because I will be unable to prove the attacks and the black magic, but my evil attacker might still have the emails I have sent him, angry emails, furious and very offending emails, not only that, but also millions of them – as I was overwhelmed and did not know what to do and had no means to respond at the time….
Did not know that these things need to be dealt with in the spirit and with the help of the SPIRIT OF GOD.

I made many mistakes.

Dangerous mistakes.

But GOD had mercy on me! Mistakes you won’t need to make if you read my story.

And gradually, HE improved my life, my living conditions.


One by one.

And HE can and will do the same for you.

That’s why I am here, that’s what I am here to tell you.

Do I like what has happened to me?

Of course not.

Would I rather have a different story to tell?

Often times probably yes.

But this is the life GOD has given me, the one HE has brought me out of and the one I am living now.

And I would not be fulfilling HIS purpose for me, for my life, if I hadn’t followed HIS promptings to publish about these things online.

And hopefully, it will be helpful for someone.

Just like I myself have found information and help through blogs, I hope my blog can somehow inspire someone’s recovery, their healing journey from satanic abuse.

I am in a way doing my best to pay forward what has been given to me – by spiritual teachers, mentors and from what I found in blogs, truth and bits of information, teachings, encouragement, revelations and interpretations of GOD’s word which helped me to get free out of the disgusting claws of the enemy.

If someone will find something useful and liberating in my stories, in my posts, on my site, it will have been worth writing about these dark topics.

You are not alone.

I know what it is like to think you might have gone crazy – you are indeed more mentally sane than many other people, because you have realized what is going on, you have STOPPED to be hypnotized by the lies of the enemy.

I hope that makes sense.

I hope this is helping someone.

That’s what I want, that’s why I came…

I hope to bring hope and deliverance and healing to some, just as others have brought it to me, just as they have put together and written about what I needed to find, am I hoping to write about what someone needs to read in order to start breaking free!!!

If you have been suffering from satanic attacks, you will find lots of articles here on this blog which will hopefully inspire you and also point you to more information.

If there is anything you couldn’t find here, but feel I would perhaps be able to assist you with or point you towards a teaching, please reach out.

If you need prayer, I am available, please contact me!

My friend,
please remember, we are all part of the same spiritual family, and just as we may pass on our material riches to our biological children, there is also a spiritual side to it and a spiritual obligation for us to pass what we have been blessed with on to the younger generation.
We are all descendants of Abraham and we are entitled to inherit the blessings of Abraham, it’s our inheritance.
And what will we do to pass this forward?

I believe we need to continue asking ourselves this question, and don’t get me wrong, my blog is just an example, one thing I am doing and one thing I believe anyone could do.
I am not here to toot my own horn, I just want to give you hope and courage, because you, too, can do something for the kingdom, for your family, something amazing – if I can do it, out of the most dire circumstances, so can you!

I hope and pray that this will inspire, bless, encourage and heal you.
And that THE LORD will bless you abundantly in all areas of your life, that HE will keep you and shine HIS face upon you and bring you PEACE. In JESUS’ name I pray. AMEN.

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