Racism is not from GOD

Dear friends,

I may be stating the obvious and we all do know that racism is wrong.
I think even the racists themselves know it…
My personal opinion is that it is a weapon the devil uses to divide us and sew hostility and conflict and riots and war…

But what I was thinking the other day… there are so many racists and racism has so many layers and forms and expressions…

SOME of it must be in the church, too, must be in US.

In you and in me, my brother and my sister.

And racism is about so much more than skin…

Let me tell you some little bits about my past which you may not know:
before I got saved, even before I came under these horrific satanic attacks, I was married.
I think I’ve spoken about it and told you that the enemy managed to destroy my marriage through witchcraft.

What I didn’t talk about before (I think) is that I am white and was married to an African man.

Not African American, he was from Africa.

I met him in my home town at a world music party.

This alone was a great surprise for many people. When they saw us together or heard my name and realized that it is an African surname and I am not visibly from Africa, they immediately began speculating that I must have brought him from Africa or that he must have conned me on facebook to come to my country or that he must have married me to get the citizenship of my country…

When I came together with this man, whom I loved, a MAN first and foremost, the man I loved and the man I wanted to be with, the man who made me happy, the man who showed me affection and patience and tolerance, yes, HE was the tolerant one.

When I came together with this man who was going to be my husband later, that’s when I learned what racism truly is and how alive it is today.

My friends were either openly or subtly dissapproving or they withdrew… or I withdrew from them because I could sense their skepticism, and not because they had anything about him which they could be skeptical about, no, it was because of his skin.

And then my parents.
What happened with my parents was such a disgrace and I was so ashamed for them.
In fact, I left them and didn’t speak to them for 10 years.
It was long after I got saved that I went back to them.
I had forgiven them before, but I was still determined not to go there ever again…

I mean this is the 21st century and I was living with him in a big city, a metropole, a town where many people from all over the world live.
Not New York and not London, but still a very big city in the 21st century in a European country.
Not a little village where he was the only black person.

Let me tell you, it was a nightmare.

For me, because I was angry and ashamed for us, for white people.

He was so gracious, he was so brave and patient.
He took it with such splendor, which really amazed me – he kept saying that these experiences are part of his life in this country and that he has to take them if he wants to live here… he told me about it when it happened or sometimes I was there with him, but he never complained, he never hated, he was always patient.

These memories came back these days when George Floyd was killed.

I live in London now and I actually don’t have any white friends.
I go to African churches and only connect with black people in my free time, even in the office, my favorite colleagues are always the black ones – coincidence maybe or perhaps not…
Most certainly do I not connect with these people because of their skin color, that would be wrong as well…

And I don’t even notice it much, I only notice it when I am away from London, in places where there are hardly any black faces I see, for instance when I go back to the country where I used to live and where I was born to visit my parents…

The reason why I love being around black people so much is because black people have something we don’t have.

Not only the skin.

For me, the skin is just a pigmentation and who truly believes that someone with a different skin pigmentation could be worth less than them is in my opinion plainly a  moron, it’s just a stupid idea, there is nothing true or intelligent or worth thinking about in it.

I am not talking about the skin, in fact, I wish nobody ever would!

What I am talking about is that black people have something we should all have:

they have depth.

They have it because they automatically had to go through suffering in their lives, all of them, all of the time, because they are black and because every single one of them has come across some white moron who has made their life harder.

And they have compassion.
And tolerance.

Because if you have to go through stuff, you learn to feel for others once you have overcome and survived your own suffering.

And they have a joy and a kindness and are so loving – not like white people.

White people are lacking these features, at least many, many, many do, because they never had to experience being excluded and stared at and rejected and poor and not able to access what is there for everybody: education, top jobs, marry who they want, freedom.

I am honest and especially the white churches don’t attract me at all.

What I saw and felt in white churches was not GOD… was mainly hipocricy.

Holier than thou.

When you come to an African church, there is FIRE.
The fire of THE HOLY GHOST.
GOD’s presence is there.
They pray.
And worship.
With all they have.

I admire that.

When I listen to worship music, I almost exclusively listen to African Worship music.

Because it has an anointing and an honesty in it that white music does not have.

And they are even humble enough and friendly towards us.

It sometimes embarrasses me how welcoming they are towards white people – at least most of them… there are some that are too hurt to be friendly – and take it out on all white people, which is also wrong and forgive me, but allow me to say it, this is also racism!

Don’t get me wrong, I love being around white, deep Christians as well – I just don’t ever happen to meet any… they all lack what I am looking for spiritually.
I think it is a matter of family – my GOD has given me a love for Africa and for African people, and I am happy around them.

And when it comes to Christianity, I believe the missionaries, the white missionaries have brought it to Africa, but they have forgotten to take it back home, too… the African churches have it and do it for me, the white ones do not and preach it not and live it not either… and I am glad the Africans let me into their churches, thank GOD!

When I think about JESUS, none of this would have found his approval. Even if we don’t consider racism, all the other reasons why people were not welcomed and appreciated in society, HE didn’t care and he ate with tax collectors, sinners and prostitutes.
JESUS loved them, loved everybody, especially the ones nobody loved regardless of the reasons why…

How about us?

Do we reject people for any reason, be it race, or profession, or past, or sin…?

DO we really do our best to be like JESUS?

In fact, if we took any of our assignment seriously, we would FIGHT racism, we would FIGHT all kinds of discrimination and we would pray…

I have come across a video from a black pastor which I want to share with you, my friend, Pastor Tope Koleoso from Jubilee Church in London.

It is about the death of George Floyd and I agree with him 100% and I invite you to pray with him in the end, to do something, my friend, we all need to do something…

GOD bless you, my friend,

don’t you agree that HE doesn’t see our skin, HE only sees our heart – and so should we if we truly want to be like HIM.
Everyone all over the world who believes in JESUS, they are our brothers and sisters regardless of their skin.
We are one family!

Perhaps the world is not, but we are not of the world, my brothers and sisters, we are only in the world…


2 thoughts on “Racism is not from GOD

  1. well written post….must reach many more


    1. Thank you for reading and commenting, my sister, to GOD be all the glory.
      GOD bless you!


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