Martha or Mary?

Dear friends,

I am not a fan of typologies, especially not since most of them are from occultic sources, they want to lure us into exploring the human nature, into looking for our own navels, chasing our own tails  – instead of looking for GOD…

You may know that I’ve been a therapist in my past – in the past JESUS has freed me from.

And I’ve been thinking of using my previous knowledge to improve Christian counseling methods (which are mostly trying to translate psychological means – which are of the devil – into Christian contexts) and make them more Christian – and it would be funny if it wasn’t so sad…
My idea behind this is that THE BOOK contains all we need, it can even be the only book we will ever read and it will give us all the answers we could possibly be looking for – not missing ONE.

So what could these more Christian methods for Christian counseling contain?

How about a typology which is NOT channelled from evil spirits (like most of the ones out there), but inspired by THE WORD OF GOD?

I mean, partly I am against typologies in total, as they reduce us to only a feature or a fracture of ourselves and it also takes away the supernatural, continuous interaction between us and OUR CREATOR who is constantly molding us into the person HE destined us to be…

So we would have to agree that these “types” can’t be labels we can keep forever, but can only be a momentary “brand” we are representing for a while or for a phase in our lives until we are ready to discover and express another facet of our GOD given nature.

PLUS, if we are so keen to typify ourselves and others in order to increase the mutual understanding, we might as well use biblical labels or stereotypes, mightn’t we???

Like I said, I am not a true fan of these typologies, but if I wanted to create one, I would nowadays ask you, my sister, and also in a metaphoric sense you, my brother, what are you currently occupying yourselves with?

Did you decide to entertain the “guests”, the mass media, the news, all reports about COVID-19? Are you on the hunt for items which can secure you and your loved ones, food, medication, protective equipment, or even information about the newest science or how to protect ourselves from catching the virus?

And don’t get me wrong, I am not saying this is wrong and by the way, who am I to tell you what to do??

NO Martha-bashing!!!

Everybody has to decide for themselves where they want to set their priorities and what to focus on.

Me. myself, I have decided to fix my eyes as much as I can on JESUS – the worse the crisis gets, the more I will look to MY SAVIOR.
Not out of ignorance, but out of NEED.
I need HIM now more than ever and I don’t know if there will ever be an opportunity in my lifetime to be closer to HIM, to listen more to HIM, to what HE is saying about this crisis, to what HE wants us, wants me to pray, to do, to what HE is telling me about my own fate and about what will happen to my loved ones, about which percautions to take, because who else will truly KNOW???

Only GOD can truly know – at least, that’s what I believe.

Many people are alienated by this attitude of mine.

My parents for instance, all they want to talk about is the virus and all they are doing – even more than before – is feed themselves the terrible news and worry themselves that they will die – which we ALL will, REMEMBER???
Has everybody forgotten that they will die of something some day?

And if they haven’t, what are they so afraid of?
Or WHY are they so afraid of a virus which might kill them?

Not only do I find all this panic about a pandemic which may not even be real, so not interesting, but also, I want to hear GOD – now more than ever!

I guess you could call me “a Mary” then – if you will…

What about you?

The Mary in you?

Are you running around, getting stuff, being occupied…?

Or are you sitting at JESUS’ feet and listening what HE has to say, what HE is telling us now, what HE is telling YOU…?

The bible is clear which JESUS preferred.

Do you think HE won’t ask you why you stopped to read the bible when the epidemic broke out?

Don’t you think HE will be dissappointed that you stopped worshipping and praising HIM regularly just because the church building was shut?

Don’t you know that WE ARE THE CHURCH???

Dear brothers and sisters, don’t be distracted, don’t run after sources which can NOT give you any answers.
Don’t feed on words which cannot sustain you.
Don’t listen to teachers which cannot help you learn.

Run to HIM – and sit at HIS feet – and listen!

Like never before.


I hope that this will inspire, bless and heal you. And that THE LORD will bless you abundantly in all areas of your life, that HE will keep you and shine HIS face upon you, and bring you peace. In JESUS’ name I pray. AMEN.


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