How much is it worth?

Dear friends,

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “everything has a price”.

And this has some truth to it- regarding the cost of things when we want them and also concerning the price we have to pay as a consequence for certain deeds.

It’s not just about buying things or the sad fact that everything and pretty much everyone on earth will do things or sell things if only the price is high enough.

This is nothing we have to be taught or nothing we have to learn – hopefully.
Because once we are saved and born again, there are many things we don’t really want any longer, we don’t care about luxury or riches so much anymore and most certainly, we know that we mustn’t sell our souls for money, we know that would be really stupid and that’s one of the first things we learn when we are born again, that money doesn’t have the true (much too high) value the world assigns to it.

I want to open a different thread today:

We know about the price of things, at least of many things – right?

And some things, we don’t even want to know the price of – for instance, would you be surprised to learn that according to the press, a murder performed by a hit man will cost between £ 15.000  – 20.000, depending on the circumstances, in some countries it would even cost much less… I am not saying that this is the worth of a human life, but it is the price for which someone will destroy the life of another person and also sell their own soul and go to hell plus perhaps even to jail for the rest of their life.

How much IS a life worth though?

Or when you look at the so-called “stars” in showbiz who sold their souls?
And I am not assuming they did, many of them say so themselves!
How much do you think they got?
And what else other than money did they receive or what else did it take for them to be willing to sell their soul to the devil, because they wanted it so much?
Is there a worth you can put on fame?
Most of them did get money and a luxurious lifestyle as well, at least as long as they still lived – and many of them did not live very long and did not die natural deaths.
And none of them lived happy and fulfilled lives – at least not that we know of. What we know is that all of them were living in sin, experiencing much drama, being psychologically and spiritually very “disoriented”  -to say the least!- and hardly any of them had a functioning family or long lasting friendships, let alone personal peace.
Do you think they would have done it if they had been aware of the true price they would pay for it?

Me, I don’t even think they are able to realize what they have done, otherwise, they wouldn’t have  – and I believe that many of them would go back and undo it, if they could or let’s say if they KNEW that they actually CAN…

So that still doesn’t answer our question:
how much is a life worth and how much is eternal life worth?

I am not joking, friends, have you ever thought about it?

Me, I haven’t, to be honest.
Until today…
And the more I think about it, the more I find it worth thinking about.

Have you ever wondered how much you would have payed for this precious gift we, the children of THE MOST HIGH, have been given? If you would not know that you have eternal life, what would you give in order to get it?

Many pagan and satanic and false religious rituals, like sacrifices we don’t even want to know about, they are for attaining eternal life – only that the idols and fake gods who demand and receive these sacrifices don’t have it, do not have the ability to give eternal life, that’s why WE call them false gods, they are liars just like the devil himself, and the people who worship and serve them and him, they are not only not getting what they “payed for”, they are also going to be sentenced to eternal hell fire in the end… it is very sad!

What about us though? Do we really know the worth of life and of eternal life? When we compare the worth of a life with the worth of eternal life, we will most likely find that the value we consider a life or even eternal life has will vary from person to person, even within one person’s life, I am assuming that we all will put very, very different “price tags” on our own lives – depending on our current life circumstances…. and depending on how we feel about our lives in this very moment.
For instance, if you were really sad or perhaps severely sick and maybe even suicidal and so down that you wanted to die, you would most likely not consider your life worth living and thus would not believe that it has a very high value.
On the other hand, if you had just gotten married and were expecting a baby and were young and healthy and had a career you really like, a loving spouse, would live in a nice place, were healthy, very happy, if you basically lived the exact life you had been dreaming of (like the one I described or differently, but according to your dreams)…then, you would definitely be looking forward to your future, would not want this life to end and would most likely be willing to pay a higher price for it… It’s what we do… judge and make decisions based on our feelings… me, I don’t think we are entirely able to change that, because it is part of our human nature, but at the same time, we all know that feelings are very temporary and change all the time ( even many times during one minute if you are a woman 😉) and so I can understand why GOD does not want us to live based on our feelings, but based on HIS standards, for they are good, just and neverchanging…

What about our dreams and desires?

If “someone” came and offered you the life of your dreams – assuming you weren’t saved and wouldn’t know that only GOD can give us the life HE has planned for us and only HE can help us to be content with whatever HE assigns to us, with our portion – and if you were very desperate to change your current life circumstances, can you yourself imagine that you would be capable of being tricked by the devil into selling your soul?
Me, I definitely can.
Because I remember desperately wanting things, lusting after them – and many of them were not godly… and many times, I didn’t care if GOD wanted me to have them or not, I just wanted them.
I still do sometimes want things or circumstances or outcomes and sometimes, it takes me quite a while and quite an amount of prayer until I am able and willing to submit my will under GOD’s will.
I know it is stupid, because HIS will will be done anyhow in the end, but that’s just the way we are and the way our flesh operates, isn’t it?
We also mustn’t forget how the enemy lures us and tempts us and deceives us.
He can’t make us sin, in the end, it is our own decision if we fall for the wiles of the devil or not, but he can make it very, very hard for us to resist. He’s been around for a very long time, he knows the human nature inside out, he knows our desires – and he is very clever, remember, he has done it since (Adam &) Eve…

With that said, comparing values for life here on earth or certain circumstances of life is one thing.

And then, there is eternal life.

Do you think we can even have the slightest idea of how much it is worth?

Me, I doubt it.

To begin with, we don’t know what it is like.
At least do we not know it exactly.
There are some hints in the bible, yes, but we don’t really know what this will be like and most of all, we don’t really know how much we will like it until we are there and experience it.
We know that it will be wonderful and that we will be very joyful, yes, but I don’t think this is something we can truly fathom with our minds.
On the other hand, most of us have an idea about what hell may be like.
Me, I have been living in hell on earth for many years and have had to suffer from physical, emotional and psychological pains and tortures which I had never imagined would be possible and me personally, I know that this is what the devil has for us or what GOD has for those who are against HIM, so I would pay a very, very high price to avoid it!
Even if you have not experienced extreme suffering – and believe me, my dear friend, I am hoping and praying that none of you had to or ever will!!! – you will have had to endure some sort of pain in your life, no one can go through life entirely without pain- and then you will know what it will be worth for you to avoid eternal torture and even have a life after this one, where there will be no pain and no tears and no suffering…. to me, the mere absence of pain and suffering already sounds like paradise, let alone all the good things which await us there.

This is one side – thinking about how much we understand about the worth of these things.

And then there is something which takes our understanding to an entirely new level.

When we look at the worth GOD gave it.
At what HE payed for it.
For our ability to HAVE eternal life….

Knowing GOD, knowing OUR FATHER and remembering the price HE payed for our eternal lives, that literally blows my mind.

Because if HE payed with his most precious treasure, with the most valuable and costly and most beloved “thing” HE had ever possessed or created, the life of HIS only begotten son, then it must be priceless.

And I mean this literally.

Eternal life is priceless.

Of immeasurable worth.

Much more precious than we would ever possibly know or understand.

As for me, I know that HE knows everything.
And I also trust HIM – in fact, much more than I trust myself, because I know that HE knows more than I ever could or will and I have seen it in my own life even that sometimes, HE knows better what is best for me than I do!

With this knowing and with this trust, there is one conclusion I came to:

NOTHING is worth selling our souls for and eternal life will be wonderful, much better than I could ever imagine – because many things which came out in my life, sometimes came out of things I wanted, but HE wouldn’t let me have them, wouldn’t let me go there – and I would have never been able to understand where this would lead me at that time or point in my life.

So if we trust HIM and look at the price HE payed for OUR eternal lives, we will understand that it is worth more than we will ever know.

I hope and pray that this will inspire, heal and bless you and that THE LORD will bless you abundantly in all areas of your life, that HE will keep you and shine HIS face upon you and bring you peace. In JESUS’ name I pray. AMEN.


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    1. To GOD be the glory.
      Thank you for reading and commenting, glad you liked it – GOD bless you, my brother.


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