To hear GOD’s voice – part 1: “Who is speaking”?

Dear friends,

believe it or not and consider me qualified enough or not – I used to teach in Sunday School in my last church sometimes.

Whereas I don’t go to that church any longer, I thought someone might be enjoying one or the other teaching I put together, so I will start with my favourite topic and if you find these helpful, I may do more – this is all supposed to be for you guys and we never know who will find something useful in our articles or posts, only GOD knows, so I usually pray about what to write and put online first, which takes us right to the topic:

How can we actually hear GOD tell us things, give us instructions, guidance, advice?

It is probably a little different for everyone and the reason why I personally believe it is good for everybody to have a few guidelines and instructions about how to do it is because I used to talk to demons a lot before I got saved and I actually believed it was GOD or angelic beings I was talking to, and this brought me into spiritual trouble and that’s why I believe it is very important that we learn how to make sure it is actually GOD we are talking or listening to and not the enemy.
I hope that my experiences can be helpful for someone and that they don’t have to go through the hell I had to go through in order to find out which is the right voice to follow.

If we want to get closer to GOD, it is always good to keep what we do and believe very close to the bible, to HIS word.
There are many records about people encountering GOD HIMSELF or one of HIS angels in the bible and what stands out is that the way GOD showed and revealed HIMSELF to HIS people changed throughout the eras the bible covers (so called dispensations) and also, in some ways, it hasn’t changed.

During the dispensation of the patriarchs, beginning with Adam, GOD has directly spoken to them, to the fathers of the families, i.e. Adam, Isaac, Jacob, Noah, and Enoch, just to name a few.
Then, during the so called dispensation of the law, during which Israel was as a collective nation under a special law, which did not apply to other nations, GOD spoke to Moses and gave instructions and only through Moses could the people of Israel speak to GOD or hear from HIM and make their petitions known to HIM, later this was similar regarding some of HIS chosen people and regarding the prophets, who were the ones with direct access to GOD voice, most of them  without seeing HIS face though. Moses seems to have been one of the people closest to GOD ever – there were a few others, but I don’t want to go into detail here and now, because I am aiming to point out something else.
Basically, after the dispensation of the patriarchs, the privilege to communicate with GOD was reserved for the priesthood and the prophets and the priesthood was a small, elect group of men.

This changed with and in the dispensation of the gospel, which we still live in today.
From this time onward, GOD decided to demand a personal response from every individual. And as you may all know, today, we are all considered priests with JESUS CHRIST being our “boss”, the head of the church, the body of CHRIST.

1 Peter 2: 5, 9
Ye also, as lively stones, are built up a spiritual house, an holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices, acceptable to God by Jesus Christ.
But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light;

At least according to many denominations that is what we believe and those denominations with different beliefs will be considered not teaching GOD’S TRUTH by many, including by me personally.
This is by the way one point where the spiritual and Christian road or path divides and where you have to decide where to go and whom to follow:
will you go down the path where THE BIBLE, GOD’S WORD tells you to go, or will you follow the path some humans who exalt themselves above others, which is clearly against the bible, point out to you?

It is important to ask ourselves these questions, because it is important to know who we are talking to and listening to.

THE HOLY SPIRIT is not speaking with a loud voice.
HE is not luring you into believing that HE has the truth and the only truth.
HE is NOT going to come back and knock on your door again and again if you send HIM away.
That’s not what OUR GOD is like.
OUR GOD always respects us and our will what we decide to do with our lives and whom we devote our lives to and whom we decide to serve.

NOT so the other one.
HE will chase you, follow you, stalk you even, because he needs you, needs souls, needs followers, needs lives to devour, whereas OUR GOD doesn’t need anything or anyone, HE is a GIVER, not a thief.

So if you want to listen to and hear the voice of GOD, you MUST learn to differentiate between these two voices and also, you must learn how to get rid of the voice of the devil and his demons.

As you learn how to do this, THE BIBLE will help you and studying it will also help you to discern the difference between the voices. One more thing about this: demons do not speak like many people think they do!
They will not only tell you evil or mean things, but as we know from

2 Corinthians 11: 14
And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.

They come under the disguise of benevolent, angelic or divine messages and EVERYTHING you can read or hear in the New Age Scene about Jesus (the Jesus they have is NOT OUR JESUS CHRIST) or god, who is NOT OUR GOD, but the devil, everything they promote about love and light and peace is actually satanic.

And this is the easy example.
There are many examples within the church!
Within groups which call themselves Christians.
And within these groups who call themselves Christians and are truly serving the devil, there are more and less obvious examples.
I am not alone with considering cults like Jehova’s Witnesses or the Mormons not teaching a Christian doctrine and not worshipping OUR GOD, the ONE AND ONLY TRUE GOD, THE GOD OF ISRAEL, JACOB AND ISAAC, THE FATHER OF JESUS CHRIST.
I am also not alone, but a little more ostracised and opposed for considering a very strong group of believers (not in OUR GOD) who calls themselves Christians not so:
the Catholics.
I will some day write an entire article about why I believe they are not worshipping OUR GOD (even though I believe many of them want to!).
You must do your own research, dear friends, come to your own conclusions – it is part of the process, part of getting closer to GOD, of getting to know HIM  – HE wants us to learn about these things and also about the things which are not from HIM.
There are also so many more sources who speak into our lives, even if we’re not actively involved in any church (and I personally believe we don’t even have to in order to be a good Christian and follow JESUS), so we need to give this a deeper look and perhaps a good clean-out if we want to eliminate the voice of the enemy in our lives and hear or hear more from GOD.
Our job, our profession, and colleagues, music, films, books – friends, company, classes, education, leisure activities… the list is endless – GOD, THE HOLY SPIRIT will show you all about it, all about the areas in your life which need correction and change – if you are sincere and seek HIM and ask!

First and foremost, the best tip I have is not to listen to anyone, no teacher in the world (literally!) can teach you what GOD, THE HOLY SPIRIT, will teach you when you spend time to listen to HIS WORD, so here is the best advice I have:


Ok, with that said.
Now to summarise this part of the teaching  – I think I will close here for today –
If you want to hear GOD’s voice, firstly learn how to know it is HIM and not the other one.

In the next part, we will be dealing with the other requirements.

And I am not teaching this from a position of “I know more than you do”, dear friends, it is through many mistakes and troubles and pains that I have learned it and GOD has taken me from all the crap I believed in to THE TRUTH and I hope and pray that this is helpful for someone.

As usual, I pray that you will be inspired, healed or edified by this article and further that THE LORD will bless you abundantly in all areas of your life and that HE will keep you and shine HIS face upon you and bring you peace. In JESUS’ name. AMEN.


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