Where do you go for help?

Dear friends,

when I look back on my life before I got saved or even before I came to this country, a long time ago, during what I usually call “my old life”, even before I became a therapist, when I was still a lawyer and a lawyer only, I was doing my best to build a career in business, I didn’t have my own business at that time, I was a company lawyer and a human resources manager, employment law was my major and I wanted to be a human resources director one day… that was my perspective… I had set myself the goal to be in a management position before I would be 35 and so it was…
To be a more high-ranked manager, perhaps in a larger company, certainly with a bigger salary, was what I thought I would or should or could strive for next…

But it all came differently…

I had been struggling with some “strange” health conditions…
Reading about “Iridology” in one of my favorite blogs (jesustruthdeliverance) just reminded me how I recall it may have all begun – in fact, it probably all began when I was a child:
I remember I had some phases where I would have a very high fever for a few days and no doctor knew what was wrong with me.
Never mind, these fevers went away when I was in high school, but when I was in uni, some new, strange disease came and I would be drowsy for no reason and under different circumstances and without any clear and predictable pattern.
Sometimes I would even faint and it began to affect my life and I became anxious of these attacks which seemed to appear out of nowhere.
I went to many doctors and some believed it was my spinal cord or that some of the vertebrae in my neck were out of place and would hinder the blood flow to my brain, some thought it was a lack of vitamin B, some thought it was a hormonal problem and another theory was that it was the equilibrium organ or the nerve responsible for my sense of equilibrium which was infected…
Anyhow, no treatment for any of these diagnoses could cured me, but the treatment of the homeopathist, who had conducted the what he called “iris diagnosis” did the trick!
After a few weeks going to his practice and taking all kinds of homeopathic pills and he even gave me some shots, I was healed.
At least in the short run.
I do remember finding him a bit creepy, but after all, he was the only one who had helped me, so I didn’t worry about it any further, I even forgot about him and all abou it – until today…

I didn’t know at that time that it was just the beginning of many years of more “strange” and “undiagnosible” diseases, which lead me to more and more healers, let me try more and more methods, e.g. Chinese Traditional Medicine, Acupuncture and of course, various occult methods, which did not include taking any ailments, but all kinds of energy healing… everything out there!
You name it, I have done it!

And then, I even became a therapist myself – I was getting deeper and deeper into the occult.

No need to mention that I hadn’t been saved at the time.
I lived my life my way, not GOD’s way!
I even thought I was a “good person” – I gave money to charity, I learned all of these therapeutic means to “help and heal people” – only was I not getting better and nor were they!

It took me years to discover why!

Because all of these things are of the devil!

And I wish I had known where to go or better WHO to go to when I wasn’t well (or even for advice!).

But when I look back, I also realize how common and widespread it truly is what I did.
In fact, the majority of people do it the way I did it and I was just so fortunate that GOD chose me and got me out of there!

How many people do YOU know who actually KNOW that they can go to THEIR GOD when they are physically or mentally ill?
The world is full of “alternatives”, aka lies to lure them away from THE TRUTH, to lure them into snares and traps of the devil and to keep them from praying and seeking GOD, seeking Christian help!

On a side note, my view on healthcare and medicine is quite radical and you may not share it or may not share my beliefs to the extend to which I myself believe them, because I myself believe that GOD can heal anything and everything and when I am ill, I go to HIM and nowhere else.
And HE heals me every time.
And I am not saying that I haven’t been ill all these years, all I am saying is I haven’t been to a doctor for many years, at least 10 years, let alone have I been to an occult healer, who will only get me infested by demons.

But even if you are not with me or not with me all the way, would you agree that
a) it is not GOD’s will for us that we go to occult healers
b) it is GOD’s will that we at least ask HIM about everything in our lives and
when we are sick, that we ask HIM first where HE advises us to go?

Because I am aware that there are doctors out there who are Christians and medicine and the people working in this field can be inspired and used by GOD, too, so I am not saying nobody can go to a doctor, but I AM saying that we need to be careful and need to be PRAYERFUL no matter what we do, no matter where we go and no matter in which area of our lives we are seeking and needing advice, because wherever human beings could possibly have problems, could possibly be turning for help, there are ALWAYS 2 forces waiting for us, even fighting for us:

one is OUR FATHER, who will always want our best.
And you know who the other is and he doesn’t want our freedom, he doesn’t want our recovery or anything good for us, he wants to steal our souls and enslave us.
He is waiting for us everywhere, even in the churches.

So what we ALL need to do is GO to OUR FATHER.
First and foremost.
Regardless if we are sick or not.
If we have ANY question.
If it is a career decision we are about to take.
If we are wondering who to get married to.
If we are unsure in which country we should live.
Or even with the smaller, everyday questions and decisions.

OUR FATHER wants to talk with us.
About everything that is on our minds and hearts and regardless if we are troubled or happy.
HE wants to be with us.
Wants to hear from us.
Wants our attention, our affection, our questions, our requests – and HE wants us to listen to HIM, too.
To HIS advice, to HIS guidance.
And yes, this advice, GOD’s advice can also come from or through a person, even a doctor.
But it can never come from or through someone who is involved in the occult and serving the devil, no matter if they are a doctor or a nurse or a fortune teller or an iridologist…

OUR FATHER is ALWAYS the best advisor and should be our first address.

When I looked back at my “old life” and the people I worked with, so called “normal people” – so few of them would even consider praying for any reason, so few of them would even know who JESUS CHRIST truly IS.

I consider these people the ones who need JESUS the most!

There are so many efforts and charities seeking to evangelize the marginalized, the homeless, the ones in prison, the ones with substance misuse issues, sex workers, or certain (false) religions… but these “normal business people”, they are the ones who are spiritually in the worst condition, and do you want to know why I believe that?

Because I know.
And why do I know?
Because I was one of them.
I, too, was running after success and “a career” and goals and money.
And I fooled myself into believing everything was perfect and my life was 100% under control.
Nothing was under control.
And I was depressed, not even admitting it, not even to myself.
I was SO empty inside.
And I did my best to fill the hole in my entire being with shopping, eating, drinking, working, addictions and sins and occult insanities… and nothing worked!
I was deeply and desperately lost.
And to an extent and to a degree, I didn’t even know I wasn’t happy.
I was so brainwashed and I thought I only have to keep on looking, keep on taking all these classes and buying all this stuff and climbing higher on the career ladder…

Thank GOD, I found that this is not what life is about.
But the reason why I think these people are the ones who need our help and need JESUS the most is because I was there and I know how miserable they are and they are miserable without anyone knowing about it, not even do they themselves have a full  awareness of it… they do know, but only underneath the surface, somewhere in the back of their minds and deep in their hearts…

THEY would not go to JESUS with anything.
Never would they even think of going to HIM.
At least if they would, it wouldn’t be the TRUE JESUS, the JESUS of the bible.

They need to be told.
Most likely, they will know better and will not believe us and will give us the usual “New Age crap” when we try to share the good news with them.
But if we really love them, we need to keep trying, keep pushing, keep penetrating and GOD willing, at some point, the facade will crumble and the HOLY SPIRIT will touch them.

That is my prayer.

I pray that every one of you will choose one of their “business friends”, someone you know who is caught up in these traps and in this fake world.

Invite them for a walk or a cup of tea…
Try and get them as relaxed as possible – you may have to take their phone away from them! – and then ask them with love and patience if they are happy… they will know that you really, really want to know… and sooner or later,they will open up…
Invite them to your church…
Tell them about JESUS…
Perhaps they will not listen, but gradually, they will be convinced that their race they are running, all this striving for success, for the bigger car, the better house, the next higher rank, that this cannot be all life is about… and they will get in touch with the emptiness inside them… and will know one day that there must be more… that there must be a GOD.

Let them know that there is someone they can ALWAYS come to for help, someone who will never, ever laugh at them, will never ever consider them a failure, someone who will always love them, for ever and ever!
Tell them about OUR BELOVED JESUS.

And about what HE has done for YOU.

None of them is stupid.
They will understand!
And they will come around at some point…

That is my prayer.

In JESUS’ name.


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