What the devil cannot do

Dear friends,

we all get plagued and tempted by the devil all the time.
That’s something he can do.
That’s something he is very good at.
If the devil has such a thing as an assignment or a purpose, and I am sure he does, because nothing GOD made is without purpose or meaning, I would say that this is it, it’s his job – to tempt us, to try us, to distract us.
To help us stay strong in THE LORD.
He probably doesn’t truly know that it’s his job and that he can only do it, because and as far as GOD allows him to do it, but we know better, don’t we…
We know that there is nothing the devil can do, which GOD hasn’t allowed him to do.

This is the first principle I want to remind you of today and it is one that none of us should ever forget, EVER:

1. the devil can not do what GOD hasn’t allowed him to do

Look at Job.
GOD allowed the devil to afflict him and before he did, there was nothing the devil could do to touch Job’s life, no part of it.
What we need to understand and remember is that everyone protected by GOD, OUR FATHER, is completely untouchable and invincible for the devil.
We must never forget this FACT!
And we will all be tempted, not by GOD, by the devil.
From what I have seen in others and in my own life, the enemy being allowed to tempt us is part of OUR FATHER’s tests and trials before we can fulfill the purpose HE has for us in our lives, before HE will let us fully step into our ministry.
This is true even for OUR LORD JESUS, because HE, too was tempted by the devil for 40 days and 40 nights in the wilderness and only when he overcame this temptation and gained victory over the devil did his earthly ministry truly begin.
I think this is so comforting and reassuring to know and in a way, it precedes and even entails all other things the devil can’t do to us, but there’s more:

2. the devil cannot make us sin

He can tempt us, yes, and he does… but if we give in to the temptations or if we resist (and make him flee from us!)  is entirely up to us and we can even pray for GOD to give us strength to stand strong and overcome – and HE will!

3the devil can do nothing about our salvation

We are saved. Sons and daughters of THE MOST HIGH. We are HIS people. We are Israel, the descendants of Abraham, we own his blessings. Unless we ourselves do things which bring us under GOD’s (!!!!) curse instead of living a life under HIS blessings, there is nothing the devil can do about it! Only if WE OURSELVES decide to leave GOD’s kingdom and accept any other god or even the devil as our GOD, only then can WE loose our salvation, not because of anything the devil could ever do or say or accuse us of – not even if we sinned and repented of our sin or backslid and afterwards returned home to OUR FATHER and ask HIS forgiveness – OUR GOD is so much greater and more powerful than the devil, HE can reverse anything the devil did or said or decided and GOD can overrule EVERY decision of the devil and save our souls, even if we had given our lives to the devil and repented and wanted to come to HIM, HE can accept us and save us and there is nothing the devil can do about it. And of course, this is a one-way-street, the devil cannot overrule anything GOD says or does and once we are HIS, we are saved.
Praise THE LORD!

4. the devil cannot read our minds and know our hearts

I find this a very interesting one, because I myself only discovered this very recently.
From what I had experienced and known, I would have thought that the devil can penetrate our minds, especially from my own experiences.
But I was wrong.
What made me personally fall for this snare and fooled me into believing that he can read my mind is that he is a very good observer and he knows human nature and he has assigned many observing demons to all of us and he is skilled, because he has studied people and been around for a very long time and yes, he knows how to seduce and lure us into his traps, he knew it right from the beginning and he said the right things to make Eve fall… but he cannot know what is in our hearts, even if he watches us very closely, there is a part of us, the innermost part of our being, which can only be seen by OUR FATHER, HE is the ONLY ONE who can know what is going on inside of us.

1 Kings 8:39
Then hear thou in heaven thy dwelling place, and forgive, and do, and give to every man according to his ways, whose heart thou knowest; for thou, even thou only, knowest the hearts of all the children of men;

5. the devil can not create

All the devil ever does or has is a copy, a fake plagiarism of what GOD has created or of what GOD can give us.
And he is making a great effort to try and let us believe that what he has to offer is as good as GOD’s gifts, which is NEVER the case!
GOD loves us unconditionally and the devil can only provide cheap, temporary thrills. Love can’t be replaced by sex or lust or enlightenment or ultra spiritual extraterrestrial supermagic out of space epiphanies, none of what the devil has is REAL and TRUE and LASTING and satisfying.
The devil never, ever fulfills a promise he gives.
He is not reliable, except that we can rely on his falseness and malice and selfishness 100%.
If you look at any “creation” of the devil, you don’t have to look very deep until you will discover that the so called creation is truly a destruction.
Just a simple example:
If the devil “chose and enlightened” you, if he gave you some of his evil supernatural gifts like clearvoyance or the ability to astral project, you will soon find that these “gifts”, which can be very thrilling and fascinating at first, will bring you lots of problems and will get you into serious spiritual trouble. ALL of the devils “gifts” come with “extra bonus gifts” and these always entail that demons will be entering you and you will be tormented and haunted and watched and controlled by them 24/7 – of course, the devil will do his best to brainwash you and let you believe that these “side effects” which can be truly painful are necessary or some crap similar to this…
GOD’s gift come as gifts and all they ever bring is joy.
That’s it.
Just what a gift should bring.
And happiness about having been blessed and gifted.
And only what GOD creates will last, the “creations” of the devil are never lasting, they all and always fall apart after a short while. Hopefully, you won’t have to experience it to believe it, because it is dangerous and the more you receive from the devil, the worse you will become, so don’t even go there, but if you have, remember the other aspects here and don’t let the devil fool you into believing you could never get rid of him or leave him, because that’s another thing he can’t do

6. the devil cannot keep you if you want to go to GOD (the other way around it’s the other way around!)

GOD will have HIS people and HIS children and they are HIS. And nobody can snatch them out of HIS hand.
But what HE does all the time and what HE also give HIS people power to do, is snatch people out of the hands of the devil, in fact, it is one of the main reasons we are here on earth, to increase GOD’s kingdom, to give HIM glory and to depopulate hell!

7. the devil cannot give us PEACE

it is called THE PEACE OF CHRIST for a reason:
only JESUS CHRIST has it.
Only JESUS CHRIST can bring it or grant it or give it.
The truth is the devil doesn’t only not have THE PEACE OF CHRIST he has no peace at all, not even a fake, cheap copy in this case, nothing, nada, niente.
Peace is not in his program.
The best he can do is leave you alone for a little while, stop the torture, but that’s not peace.
Nobody who is under the influence of the devil will ever even have the slightest idea about what peace IS even.
Because there is no peace where the devil is.
Only with and through JESUS can we have PEACE.

8. the devil cannot raise the dead

he can kill, yes, but he cannot reverse or overcome or defeat death, that is a privilege only GOD and HIS people have.
Yes, we, the saints, can do the very same things JESUS did.
By the authority given to us by CHRIST and by faith.

9. the devil cannot heal

not only is it not his intention, it is also beyond his capabilities.
Healing is a creating, restoring, good power, which he doesn’t have.
He can’t heal anything, not bodies, nor relationships.
What he can do is fake it and publish a delusion of a healing or a miracle.
And that’s all.

10. the devil cannot save

it will never be his decision if a person goes to hell or to heaven!
We can only be saved by grace and through JESUS CHRIST, HE is the only way to heaven. All the devil can do is to kill, steal and destroy.

John 10:10
The thief cometh not, but for to steal, to kill and to destroy. I am come that they might have life and that they might have it more abundantly.

11. the devil cannot bring us truth or understanding or wisdom

Why is that?
Well, it has to be this way.
The truth is the truth and will always be the truth.
And a statement is either true or false.
A doctrine will either teach us the truth or will teach us something which is not true.
The devil doesn’t want us to believe in THE TRUTH, doesn’t want us to believe in the bible and in what it teaches.
Because then we know how to defeat him by the power we have as Christians, as sons and daughters of THE ONE AND ONLY TRUE GOD.
So what the devil needs to do is to lure us away from believing that.
It is the only way he can have a chance to steal our souls away from OUR FATHER.

12. the devil cannot love

he has no love.
If he was able to love, he could not do what he does.

13. the devil cannot save himself

Only GOD can save and HE may have the grace to forgive the devil and save him one day, but that’s not what is predicted in the bible, so HE has not said so so far and only HE knows and it is entirely up to HIM

14. he devil cannot keep GOD from blessing us, cannot prevent GOD from giving us a good end.

And that’s what GOD does and will do.
Remember Job again.
His end especially.
He had double of what he had before GOD allowed the devil to afflict him.
This is the end every single time for the children of THE MOST HIGH.
And remember the promise in

Jeremiah 29:11
For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.


15. the devil cannot deliver us from the devil

I may be stating the obvious here or maybe not – the devil cannot free us truly from evil spirits and afflictions caused by them.
Even if he decided for whatever reason (most likely a sneaky and deceitful one) to take one or some of his evil tortures away from us, it would not mean that we are free, because his ultimate goal always and by all means and in all that he does is to destroy us and it would be letting the fox guard the geese if we trusted him with our wellbeing, because that is never what he has in mind.
And if you ever need proof that the devil is the devil and GOD is GOD, let this be it:
GOD is ALWAYS stronger and has already defeated the devil many, many times and

16. the devil can NEVER win

and this is just my list… there is so much more!

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